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At 10/21/2010 7:39 PM, Blogger Barbara Ann Jackson said...

It is a MUCH TOO OVERLOOKED fact that underhanded foreclosures are also being deliberately conducted by unscrupulous foreclosure mills! This has resulted in mill lawyers (or their affiliates) obtaining ownership of fraudulently properties after purported bids at “simulated” auctions through “straw buyers.” Some properties become “flipped” illegally to Freddie Mac. Some foreclosure mill lawyers even have filed into court records fee-making pleadings (summary judgments, etc) when Freddie Mac is NOT party to cases, and bill $$$$ fees pretending to represent Freddie Mac.

Through falsified Bankruptcy Court pleadings, there are foreclosure mills lawyers who wrongfully, illegally impede homeowners’ restructuring debts, and they impede discovery of the actual owners of mortgage notes. Lenders, Investors, and property owners are losers from foreclosure mill frauds!

False bankruptcy “Lift Stay” motions in names of either defunct lenders or lenders with no ownership of property notes NOT ONLY HELP illegal property repossessions, any other creditors whom debtors owe, becomes deprived wrongfully of entitled shares of proceeds from those auction frauds; illegal foreclosures also leads to ILLEGITIMATE “deficiency judgments,” and third party debt-buyers who seek $$$$ after fraudulently low auction (straw purchase) bids result in large remaining balances on those to be paid to unentitled entities.

I know for a fact that dishonest foreclosure mills work in concert with Wells Fargo. Among other things, Wells Fargo has tax advantage from fraudulent foreclosure proceedings after placing distressed homeowners’ names / social security numbers on false IRS (acquisition) form 1099-A’s, even when no lawful “acquisition” of properties occurred; such homeowners wrongfully become forced to explain these turn of events to the IRS after surprise receipts of tax bills. “Fee-splitting” is also an element of intentional, fraudulent foreclosure. *read about fee splitting: “Lender Processing Services Discusses Legal Issues” @

People who think that people who can no longer afford their mortgage should pack up and move out, ignore that it is unjust to render people homeless by use of intentional, dishonest, illegal foreclosure proceedings. Foreclosure mill illegalities accounts for “illegal foreclosures” and “Tent Cities” which could be Anyplace, USA.

Foreclosure fraud (on farmers, businesses, as well as residences) MUST become investigated;” it can cripple peoples’ abilities to move forward with their lives for a very long time –and the cloaked perpetrators are often millionaires; those perpetrators are as bad as, or worse than Bernie Madoff.
“Case In Point: Foreclosure Mills, Judicial Fraud, Consumer Exploitation. . .”

OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA on Foreclosure Crisis (concerning Wells Fargo)

Lehman Brothers, Wells Fargo Foreclosure and Insurance Claims

Important Facts About Foreclosure and Mortgage Fraud

At 10/22/2010 7:30 PM, Blogger 45north said...

Barbara Ann Jackson: I read your entry
"Judge Thomas Porteous and the Judicial ‘Devil’s Den"

talking about Louisiana:

Our Judicial system is a devil's den, that is a home to evil, corruption, wickedness, depravity, vexation, malignance, and decadence.

well I honestly don't know but on the other hand, people did accept money and used their house as collateral (that's what you call a mortgage).

I would rather insist that mortgages companies take possession of a house within a limited time frame. For example once they filed a Notice of Default they would have to take possession with 6 months, pay property taxes, maintain the property and add the mortgage to their loss column.

I guess it depends on whether you think you're playing hot potato or musical chairs.

God bless.

At 10/23/2010 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


4.5 trillion dollar

we are screwed!


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