Sunday, October 31, 2010

End of Liberty

Superb new video just released from the National Inflation Association (NIA)

While watching, note one of the common threads running throughout the piece - apathy. I think you'll agree that most Americans really don't understand or care about the loss of liberty and the precarious position of our economy...and by extension, our way of life. If pieces like this do nothing more than act as a catalyst to get people to do more research and start thinking for themselves, then it will have been successful. Kudos to the folks at NIA.

Note: I agree with nearly every aspect of this video except one (which wasn't even mentioned really, but needs to be pointed out nonetheless) - I think the video's often cited hyperinflationary spiral will be combined with an massive economic depression (widespread unemployment, continued collapse in asset values - homes, cars, TVs, businesses, etc - a hyperinflationary depression if you will) - and worker wages (for those lucky enough to have a job) will not keep up with the inflationary death spiral of the USD. Many US citizens will ultimately be caught in a double whammy (collapsed value of personal savings and wages combined with the higher cost of food, clothing, energy, etc) and with no alternative available, these folks will become completely dependent on the US Government for sustenance and shelter (yes - bread lines and soup kitchens will likely end up supporting a large segment our citizenry... and they may even be combined with tent cities).

Got gold and/or silver (and/or barterable goods)?

Social Consequences of an Economic Meltdown


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