Sunday, November 14, 2010

We Can't Make Here Anymore

Very powerful song by James McMurtry - discusses the loss of our (once great) manufacturing base, and the hard times that many Americans currently live in.

Unfortunately, for most Americans, it's only going to get worse over the next decade or so, as our standard of living falls precipitously - exacerbated by a massive increase in U.S. unemployment, gargantuan, unpayable governmental debt loads and cemented by the eventual collapse of our currency (within 3 - 5yrs)...


At 11/19/2010 2:19 PM, Anonymous T Z said...

Of course the loss of a huge chunk of manufacturing base is purely the decisions of the great American multinationals CEOs. See, these 'masters of capitalism' work only, and only, for one thing - shareholder value.

But they would not be successful in their amazing maximization of shareholder value if two other parties did not offer complete support. One of these is the federal government - deliberate trade policy of unfettered globalization; and hands off on just about everything that offend the CEOs. The other is, of course, the American consumers. For more than a decade, not a word of complain, but untold words of joy, and they head to Walmart, BestBuy and what's not loading up cartloads of cheap import goodies.

So yes, one can have songs of lament. How about a song on 'you get what you asked for'?


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