Thursday, December 02, 2010


Our once great nation has become a culture of unrestrained corporatism with marketing and consumerism superseding collective responsibility... Our countrymen are rushing to the slaughterhouse with smiling faces while very few (the societal nonconformists and outcast "doom-n-gloomers") actually realize what is transpiring... We've become a corrupt, decadent, stupid, and morally bankrupt society (obese too)... Unfortunately, I feel our society is probably too far gone to save, as we've become nothing more than ignorant, degenerate animals (rabid sheep) being led to slaughter...

Suggest you get your God, Gold, Guns and Grub in order my friends... And while you're at it, might want to buy some silver too!


Debt Slave

The Century of Self

How to Brainwash a Nation




At 12/03/2010 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 12/03/2010 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes me want to go buy more ammunition.

At 12/03/2010 8:40 PM, Blogger 45north said...

you know Randy just because the crowds at one store look a little nuts doesn't really mean too much

I am Canadian but in December 2009 I happened to be in Long Island NY and in October 2009 I was in Troy Michigan. The stores looked quite normal, nobody was shouting or pushing. I asked myself "how do I know this is not Canada?" - blue mail boxes.

Oh and Merry Christmas!

At 12/04/2010 2:39 PM, Blogger 45north said...

scene from a Canadian mall

Merry Christmas!

At 12/04/2010 3:11 PM, Blogger Randy said...

Wow 45 - that was an amazing video with beautiful voices - thanks for sharing with us!


At 12/06/2010 12:30 PM, Blogger Jhon said...

really funny! specially which is related to wikileaks, one with obama haha.

- John Devis
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