Saturday, March 05, 2011

Weekend Funnies 5 March 2011

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At 3/05/2011 6:48 PM, Anonymous Siege said...

Woot! Randy's back! :D

At 3/06/2011 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how things are in vegas?

At 3/06/2011 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

super that you´re back.

missed ya

At 3/06/2011 1:00 PM, Anonymous luxuryglow said...

Thanks Randy!
Glad you're back :)

At 3/06/2011 5:22 PM, Anonymous CompassionateFascist said...

All good, tho spare me the public employee unions. They're the lower echelon of the Ruling Class: Banksters + CEO's plus them and other group entitlements at the gov't debt trough. Versus the rest of us.

At 3/06/2011 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, great selection. But notice how no one touches the other enormous elephant in the room, "defense" spending.

1. America spends more on its military (offenses) than the entire rest of the world combined.

2. Europe has a market cap as large as America, yet it's always America's blood and treaure out there on the front line keeping a lid on things--sort of.

3. Agreed, a global police force is necessary to grow and sustain a global economy free of pirates, rogue nations invading their neighbor states, state sponsored terrorism, international organized crime and so on. But shouldn't those who profit most from our military bear the true cost of a global police force (US Dept of Defense) instead of sticking it to the victims of globalization (American taxpayers who lost their high paying manufacturing jobs via corrupt "free trade" treaties)?

Instead, the multinationals manufacture their goods overseas under the protection of the American flag/military, then sell their goods into our markets while keeping their profits overseas to avoid paying the taxes necessary to fund a global police force that protects their overseas operations.

No more free lunch. If they don't want to pay for our military, then let them build their own armies to protect their overseas interests. These multinationals are no longer American corporations, they are multinational. We can't afford it anymore, and they never deserved it anyway.

Free trade ain't free when American taxpayers have to subsidize it through tax credits, subsidies, or a global military. This isn't just a vicious circle; it's a downward spiral that's bankrupting America.

At 3/07/2011 3:43 PM, Blogger 45north said...

Blue Skye, did you not hear about the Parking Meter Deal in Chicago? Former Mayor Daley leased out all the city parking meters. In return for a onetime fee, a private holding company would receive the rights to 75 years of parking meter fees. Parking meter rates quadrupled overnight.

At 3/07/2011 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're welcome to cut "defense" spending anytime. You think bombing the heck out of browns is helping the world somehow? Gimme a break!

At 3/08/2011 2:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, did I miss the last few weeks... Thanks for returning with my dose of laughter!

At 3/10/2011 3:39 PM, Blogger john swinburne said...

The US spends more than everyone else collectively"", on defense. Of course it does. "The US owns more global assets than anyone else, and needs to defend these goodies from those originial owners who would like to have them back. 9/11 was such a protest.

At 3/10/2011 6:21 PM, Blogger Rusty said...

Glad you are back..

At 3/16/2011 7:00 PM, Blogger 45north said...

Yen carry tade unwinding!

parties that borrowed yen to buy other assets have to cover their margins NOW

think that the fallout from Japan won't reach the US?

faster than the jet stream!

At 3/20/2011 8:50 PM, Anonymous Iccabob said...

I think we have a record two weeks Randy. Cat 9 quake, tsunami, runaway reactors in stages of meltdown, the spent fuel rods issue, a new war, and the revisit of an oil leak on the Louisiana coast. Sure a lot to think about, but it's so much I think my brain is saturated. I'm curious if one could even venture to laugh about the situation.

Miss your usual collection of funnies, God knows I need a laugh, but I do understand that this may not be the right time. God bless.

At 3/26/2011 6:09 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

Hi Randy,

If you're interested in an eye opening video, this one's exceptional. It's about the mathematics behind our future... peak oil, peak energy, peak food, and peak population. It's by a professor in the University of Colorado. I highly recommend it to all who frequent this blog.


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