Monday, January 21, 2008

Emergency Rate Cut Tomorrow?

Stocks tanked around the globe today.

Shanghai Stock Composite Down >5%
Hang Seng Down > 5%
BSE 30 Down > 7%
Straits Times > 6%
CAC 40 Down > 6%
DAX Down > 7%
Madrid General Down > 7%
FTSE 100 Down > 5%
Swiss Market Down > 5%

Fortunately most US markets were closed today, but Futures were still open. This is how things currently look for tomorrow's open:

DJIA INDEX -- 11,592.00 (-514.00)
S&P 500 -------1,265.10 ( -60.20)
NASDAQ 100---1,773.50 (-76.00)

Will this cause the PPT to panic and implement emergency Rate Cuts tomorrow?

I think it's quite possible...



Randy said...

Overseas Indices plunging again(Monday Night)

Hang Seng 8% lower
BSE-30 10% lower
Jakarta 9%+ lower
Taiwan 6.8% lower

Asia/pacific Indices

Emergency rate cut looking probable

Bet we also see the Pres on TV tomorrow discussing "Strong" US Economy

Randy said...


Guess I'm not as dumb as I look.

Just saw Paulson speaking on TV--talking about "strong fundimentals". Will probably see the Pres later today.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be on the ball. Kinda scary! Thanks for the viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

If fundamentals were so good then why the 75BP cut? THey are a bunch of liars. Things are MUCH worse than they claim them to be.

Watch not what they say... WATCH WHAT THEY DO!

They are liars. The do the opposite of what they claim.

Randy said...


Appreciate the comment and you're welcome.

Anon 4:18pm,

Couldn't have said it any better myself.

I mean come on... I'm a damned telecommunications guy. I think in ones/zeros, bit/bytes, Synchronous Optical Networks (SONET), Asychronous Transfer Mode (ATM), IP Networks, T1's T'3's etc (I think you get the drift--a foreign language to many).

How is it that I(someone with no formal ECONOMIC TRAINING)am able see/forecast what is transpiring and the major problems that lie in store for our economy, yet these highly trained/paid folks (who tend to speak a foreign language of thei own)can't seem to see it?

Well they can, but it's a BIG SECRET that they can't let out, lest panic spread across the markets.

Bottom Line: It's all SMOKE and MIRRORS and LIES.

Thanks for posting up