Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sophia's spring H.S. acapella solo

I'd like to share with all of you my 17yr old daughter’s spring H.S. acapella solo - though the first few seconds are a little weak (nerves) it gets really good. Hope you enjoy!


45north said...

thanks Randy, she's beautiful and talented. I just got back from a family function in Toronto, we have to focus on protecting our families.

Randy said...

Thank you 45 North. Yes she truly is a beautiful kid - inside and out... additionally, she is smart and respectful to boot - a proud father couldn't ask for anything more...



Shannon said...

WOW, Randy, she has a beautiful voice! It takes a lot of talent to first of all, sing acapella, and secondly...actually sound good without the instruments "covering" up flaws. She truly is a natural singing talent! What are her plans after she graduates HS?

laurie said...

Hi Randy, my son had a 10 minute piano solo this weekend at his HS concert - it just about makes you burst, doesn't it?! You should be very proud!

Anonymous said...

Dear Randy, she has a lot of talent, and did a very nice job singing best of luck to her always,hope you will be posting again soon miss reading your opinions on the economic conditions, and the mess the world is in, hope you will be back soon.
Frank W
Reno, Nevada.

Boom2Bust.com said...

Beautiful voice. Considering a singing career down the road?

Randy said...

Thanks Shannon, she's undecided but leaning towards the RN program at UNLV.

Laurie - congrats to him on the piano solo. Absolutely does

Thank you Frank. Yes, I hope to be back soon, but I have so many currently unresolved issues in my life right now - it may be another month or so. I'll provide details some other time.

Boom2Bust - right now it's merely just her passion, but as a realist she understand that very few ever make it to the point that they can actually make a living at it - but if a door ever opens, who knows???

really appreciate all your comments