Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Latest on US Dollar and Gold Trends

A new report in the UK's Independent newspaper says China, Russia, Japan, France and the Gulf states plan to stop using the dollar in oil trading and instead, replace it with an oil pricing mechanism that uses a basket of currencies AND gold. The newspaper claims these countries have been in ongoing secret talks regarding the matter.

Cavuto - The Dollar Ain't the Deal!

Glenn Beck - End of the Almighty Dollar?

US Dollar Weekly - click image for sharper chart

Extract below from Forbes - Gold sets new record; analysts expect more as US dollar falters

"Gold hit fresh highs on Tuesday as it continued to take its cues from a weak U.S. dollar. The greenback tumbled as uncertainty over its global strength was triggered by a report from the U.K. alleging that certain Gulf states secretly met with Russia, China, Japan and France to discuss replacing the dollar with a basket of currencies to trade crude oil. The basket would include gold in addition to the euro, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen and a new currency for nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council, according an article The Independent that was later denied by the Gulf States."

Excerpt below from this must read Safehaven link: Gold Breakout Alert - Powerful Uptrend - Target and Trajectory

"The key point to grasp here is that this rally is going to be BIG. The major consolidation in gold has been going on for about 19 months now, so gold has built up a tremendous amount of energy for its next move. This is the 5th attempt to break above the March 2008 high, the other 4 attempts, after March 2008 itself, occurring in July 2008, February and May of this year, and the attempt now in progress. Thus it should be quite clear that once gold breaks clear above the MAJOR RESISTANCE at this level, it is not going to settle for some pitiful $50 - $100 gain - it is going up at least $300 and very possibly of the order of $500 - $600 and this gain should be achieved in short order over the space of three to six months or so. Silver will go wild when this happens."

Just a beautiful chart! - click to enlarge

Gold Weekly - click image for sharper chart

Last, but certainly not least, I highly encourage you read my very informative post on the history and likely future of our US Dollar - Dollar: Faltering Foundation of US Economic Strength

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BxCapricorn said...

Everywhere I go, I see "Free Rent" signs on Las Vegas commercial property. I was in DeLuca's Italian Deli (Black Mountain), and the owner is talking about opening another store soon, on Tropicana. "What's the rent?" inquires a regular customer. "Free", the owner replies.

America, Home of the Free.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's kinda sad.
This isn't gold rising... rather it's the dollar sinking.

As much as I would like to support my country, I can't because its been taken over. The uber rich not only control the Government, they've looted the National Treasury and involved us in endless warmongering. They control the major media outlets.
It's 1984 in 2009.

About the best I can hope for is a complete meltdown, helter skelter. Considering the Billions the Feds have thrown into the dept of homeland gestapo ... complete anarchy will level the playing field. That will be our only chance.

Mike said...

Very interesting article on gold from Bill Fleckenstein. In addition to talking about his own bullish views on gold, he mentions some comments from John Paulson

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