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Question for readers. Does anyone here study and/or follow Astrology and if so, what are your thoughts regarding the subject?

My reason for asking: Well a friend and I were having a conversation about it the other day and though quite sceptical myself, I read an email last night from this person that was eerily "spot on". Here goes:

I know this subject is not to be taken too seriously, but it's fun to read and quite entertaining for small talk. I am referring to the brief conversation we had about Astrology signs (not horoscopes), one of my subjects in school is Astrological Psychology, and I have fun studying it. Here's what I have to share with you. According to my study someone like you who was born under the cusp - you are considered Sagittarius and Capricorn - you have these traits:

The visionary, intuitive Sagittarius combines with the pragmatic, imperial Capricorn.
You demonstrate a talent for sensing the future.
You are determined.
You usually do not have a good deal of patience with those who fail to appreciate you.
You will move on alone if not supported by others.
You recognize the power of silence.
You must allow your warm side to show and to keep your heart open.

Your cusp (Sagittarius/Capricorn) is also called the "cusp of prophecy"... that explains your wisdom to look into the future.

Prior to this conversation and email, I've never given any thought to Astrology, however - with these projected traits being so close to reality, one must ask: "is there really something to this?"

So, if you know anything about this subject (pro or con), please do share, as my curiosity has been piqued..



Anonymous said...

This was my experience, take it for what it is worth. (True story)


I had a psych class in college where the teacher asked how many of us believed in astrology. Just three or four people raised their hands. The teacher handed all of us a sealed envelope with our names on them containing a "reading" on it based on our birthdays. (She asked us not to share the contents with anyone else in the class.) She then asked us to open the readings. When we finished, she asked how many of us now were at least more open to astrology based on the accuracy of the reading we received. Over half the class (maybe 65-70%) then said they were more open to the idea after the reading than before. She then asked us to trade papers. They all said the same thing. She then went on to explain how there are general themes that we all experience (like interpersonal conflict/struggle) or ways we commonly like to think of ourselves (smart/empathetic/strong/etc.) If it is general enough, even if the reading is off on a minor point or two, the reader will self-identify with the rest.

I am not saying that what she said was was the end-all authoritative ex-cathedra statement or anything but it was food for thought. Personally, I think the great majority of what passes as astrology is pretty bogus. However, there is enough mystery out there in the universe that if it was true, it wouldn't be the strangest thing out there so who knows.

If you hold to a strictly mechanical view of the universe (which I do not), what sun revolution you are born under could have no possible meaning to your personality. However, if you hold that there are "supernatural" or spiritual powers at work in the universe, then the possibility opens up. However, then you have to ask yourself "what power(s)?" or "what spirit(s)?" (Whether that be God, gods, malevolent spirits, etc.) If you do believe in the supernatural, then the question arises "How should I then live in light of that force/those forces?" If you don't intend to ask that question or realistically make a life change in light of where that search takes you, then you were not serious about the question in the first place. (I do believe in a knowable, self-revealing creator God and yes I have had to make serious life adjustments in light of that knowledge.) Because I believe in the Bible and it speaks about things being revealed through astrology both for good and evil, I believe it exists but not in the hokey, fortune cookie way that is the most pervasive in our culture.

OK, that was much longer than I intended it to be but there you go.

Anonymous said...

I believe astrology is one component of many factors that can be leveraged to understand one's self and propensities: other factors include time of birth, numerology of birth dates and names, and information on past lives. Information from one component alone is not effective.

Is there actually something to this entire space? I beleive so.

(Read Michael Crichton's book "Travels"- especially chapter "Direct Experience" nad "PostScripts:Skeptics at Caltech": it does a fantastic job of explaining the balance between rational vs irrational, and why new agey topics are easily dismissed in today's world.

Is it then critical to leverage these "new agey" tools like "astrology" etc? No.
But if it effectively exists in the natural world like gravity, why not make use of it for self improvement assuming it is done correctly.

BTW, I enjoy your blog and especially the cartoon compilations.

The reason I read your blog is the experience the comedy of our times: extreme rational thinking and a fear based culture in past several hundred years is bringing us to a total collapse. The pendulum will swing back and visibility into other dimensions (as another blogger "iconoclast" said") will open up.

Romeman said...

Randy, on astrology, please send me an e-mail at

Randy said...

Wow - impressive answers. Thank you both for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions with me (and others reading here)

Warm Regards


BxCapricorn said...

I'm Dec. 23rd, so I understand your cuspy-ness, and I believe there is some truth to astrology.

Anonymous said...

Believe whatever you have to, as long as it keeps those funny cartoons coming.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 56 year old Geophysicist who has been following astrology in my life and the life of others for almost 40 years, I have to say that I believe astology is valid. While I dismiss the generalities of newspaper horoscopes as useless, if one delves into the specifics of one's personal astology it can be provide much insight. There are many influences but central themes reoccur and can be as useful, in fact, more useful IMHO,than any other psychological analysis tool I have ever studied. But granted, that study is limited. I work in my own scientific field. Western (Persian) Astology works well as a tool for self analysis and while it cannot predict specifics, it can shed light on when dramas in one's life will heat up, and cool down. I understand Vedic (Indian) Astrology is better at defining events but I don't know much about it. So, in summation, do I buy astology? Yes, as a rational and empirical observer, I do. Can I explain how it works - absolutely not. It doesn't make any sense to me from the standpont of the physical sciences. But lack of understanding doesn't invalidate it. Do I live my life by it? No. I don't. It's not specific enough as a predictive tool. Some people have tried to use it to predict stock market behavior. I've followed the track record of some and, to date, they have not been successful. But I understand there are those that have combined it with more traditional analysis and achieved a measure of success. I've been satisfied to use astrology as a means of understanding myself, my children and grandchildren. In this context, it's proven quite useful.

Jackie in Seattle said...

Consider this: Bottom line - All That Is, is energy/vibration. The Universal Love that we hear about, is Energy in its pure form. That being said...I now have to nemtion re=incarnation...or not. So, before venturing upon another earthly journey, usually for specific and personal reasons and for soul growth, we pick a "Theme" and a time to be born(sounds like an idea for a song!), plus "all the world's a stage and we but the players on it...". Here comes Astrology. Each of the 12 Houses have a different vibration rate. These particular vibrations affect our personal vibration, creating an energy pattern that is indivually ours as long as we are experiencing this earthly school. The lyrics of "Age of Aquarious" from Hair is worth mulling over.

I am an Aries/Taurus on the cusp.

Anonymous said...

Astrology is highly accurate. As mentioned in an earlier post on this thread, ignore the overly general and bland newspaper astrology column.

Knowing it helps one deal with all the people in your life. Essential for all romantic relationships.

Magi astrology is my favorite. Your open mind and a detailed personality astrology report is far better than any session with a shrink. And these reports are available at nominal cost all over the internet.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I find astrology a bunch of BS.

However, one shouldn't totally rule out the influence of the planets and stars on the earth. Both the the sun and the moon have a large influence on the earth.
1. Day and night are the result of the movement of the sun relative to the sun.
2. The amount of radiation the sun sends out into space isn't constant.
3. When the sun and moon align in conjuncture with the earth then they DO have large influence on the earth. The tide is such a thing.
4. When a volcano is about to erupt then the pull of the moon could be the last straw for the volcano and push the volcano over the edge and cause an eruption.

I think he knows your character and made up with a story to fit your character.