Saturday, April 15, 2006

Numerous Economic Reports Due Next Week

Numerous Economic reports are due next week... These reports (CPI, PPI, Housing, Jobless Claims, Leading Indicators, etc) should provide some indication as to future fed decisions/actions, and will either spook or continue to bolster confidence in the markets.

Though the reports (through skewed data) will try to paint as pretty a picture as possible for the economy (putting lipstick on a pig), I think unexpected data will still leak through and we'll see/experience a wild week in the Dollar, Stock Market, Commodities, etc.

Update as of Sunday evening, 8:30pm PST: Looks like the world spot markets are starting off the week with enthusiasm. Gold is up $8.40 ($605oz), Silver is up .35 ($13.30oz), and oil is >$71 a barrel. Could be a very interesting week.


Anonymous said...

Great blog.

I suppose the question is high high can gold go, and what is its long term stable price?


Anonymous said...

sorry, I meant to say , how high can gold go.


contrarian2day said...

No one knows.... Will depend on a myriad of factors (Oil, Dollar, Inflation, Fed Policies, Central Bank Diversification, World Economy, geopolitical issues, etc).

Personally, I think that within the next 3-5 years, we'll far surpass the previous all time high of $800+. In todays inflated dollars, that'll be > $1,200 oz.