Sunday, November 11, 2007

3rd World America

I originally wrote this article in March 2006. Though the words are over 20 months old, I feel the article is just as relevant (if not more so) today, as we see the financial wizards (1) hyper-inflate to rescue our financial systems and (2) literally throw the dollar off a cliff. In due time, it will become quite apparent that they have failed in their efforts to rescue the financial sector and our economy will fall to its knees. What could happen next is anybody’s guess, but I think it will happen and quicker than many realize.

Anyway, though my article below is not specifically related to the economy (it’s more philosophical in nature), I think it captures how we as a people have taken the wrong path and are now throwing away what our forefathers have built for us. Ultimately, if we stay on this path, our wake-up-call could be quite severe.

I hope you enjoy the read…

As a USAF veteran, I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel the world, experience numerous cultures, and see some of the best this small planet of ours has to offer. I’ve ridden a camel through the Sahara Desert, visited several of the Egyptian Pyramids, swam in the Red Sea, drank beer in Germany, sunbathed in Spain, toured a bit of Italy, shopped for gold in Qatar’s bazaars, visited WWII sites in the Philippines, pulled some R&R in Kenya, climbed Mt Sinai at 3am to watch the sun rise, touched remnants of the burning bush @ St Catherine’s Monastery, etc. Those were some great times…

With that said, I’ve also seen some of the worst this world has to offer. In many of the places I’ve visited over the years, although exciting to experience, I witnessed far too much human suffering. Poverty is rampant and almost the “norm” around the 3rd world. In some of the extreme cases, I’ve seen homeless beggar children (and adults) roaming city streets pleading for handouts; in-your-face prostitution as impoverished girls try to earn money any way they can to better their lives; entire communities living in slums/shanty towns--some living next to or in garbage dumps—existing off the refuse of others; the disfigured & crippled cast aside by society, and with no social programs available, left on the street to fend for themselves… I guess the absolute worst that I’ve seen over the years was the massive numbers of starving, skeletal shells of human beings trying to survive any way they could in war-torn Somalia--the smell of death hanging in the stale air as thousands of bodies slowly decayed beneath shallow improvised graves baking in the desert sun… It was an absolute nightmare and words cannot describe the complete despair and atrocious living condition of those people.

Anyway, each of these unique travels was a new learning experience for me, yet my heart always ached for the thousands upon thousands of unfortunate people I encountered. But aside from empathy, I knew there was little I could do for these folks.

Ultimately however, these travels & human experiences did open my eyes to the many blessings that I had previously taken for granted, and it also provided me with a much better appreciation for the countless advantages that we, as American citizens, have. Lastly, these experiences provided me with a new awareness for the fragility of life in general.

I only wish more Americans could visit 3rd world countries to see how the majority of the world lives. I honestly believe that most Americans have no concept of what life is like outside of our borders, and aside from what little they see on TV (when not watching Survivor or Idol) they are completely oblivious of the hardships people endure just to survive.

So, why am I bringing up this issue? Answer: We are a great nation of wealth built through the hard work and sacrifice of our forefathers, yet I believe our greatness is slowly slipping away--from both an economic and a cultural standpoint. In our get rich quick, baggy pants wearing, MTV lovin, fast-food eating, living for today, throw-away cultural mind-set, I think we’ve lost sight of what is or should be important, we don’t respect one another, we don’t appreciate what we have and are far too preoccupied with our own self interests. We have turned into an “all about me” society where everyone wants something for nothing and if we can’t get it now, we whine until someone listens.

American society has made it an accepted norm to be caught up in trivial things (fashion, keeping up with the Jones', reality TV, the latest unsolved murder mystery, sports, shopping, Hollywood, petty lawsuits, material things, etc), and the truly important things in life (family, values, education, hard work, social courtesies, respect, religion, caring for others, etc) have fallen by the wayside. Each and every day our brains are filled with mush and we become far too ignorant to realize that the things that once made us a great nation are slipping away.

I love this country, but feel that if things don’t change soon, we’ll eventually follow the path of the Romans and ultimately will see to our own demise... A 3rd world America.


Anonymous said...

I "happened" up on your page from reading your article on Safehaven. I commend you on your critical thinking skills and you provide some good information. I could not agree with your postings more.

I have seen this train wreck coming for several years now, but no one would listen. I am hoping that somehow we an make it through this.

I am new to the blogging world and I am hoping I can reach a few.

Thank you for your excellent commentary and good will.

contrarian2day said...


Thank you for your comments.

I honestly hope this Blog serves its purpose--to deprogram those who have been brainwashed by our system.

If people would pull away from the garbage on the boob-tube, open their eyes and then engage themselves in something important (like the future of our country), we could eventually become a better Nation.

Problem is: I personally believe it is too late and it will take a very significant event to create the Major Inflection point we need.

Best of luck and thanks again