Tuesday, November 27, 2007

AMERO and the North American Union

Some of our secretive leaders are working a plan to replace the US Dollar with the Amero--a joint American, Canadian and Mexican Currency.

- Do you want to know why we have a completely ineffective border policy?
- Do you want to know why the Dollar has been sacrificed?
- Do you want to know why we've outsourced our manufacturing base?

Well, many of these answers lie below--It's all about big business, corporate profits and unfulfilled family promises.

This first video is one of our elected representatives Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D. Ohio) discussing NAFTA and Globalists on CSPAN -- Finally, a non-insider representative, looking out for our (the people's) best interests. Why don't we see this type of discussion from our Presidential front runners? hmmm...

Wake up people! Before it's too late!

The rest of these videos speak for themselves. Therefore I will comment no more.

**CAUTION: Foul Language in this video**


45north said...

As a Canadian I'm against the Security and Prosperity Partnership but before it can be advanced the US economy must collapse and I'm afraid that is what I'm seeing. I'm afraid that the $51 billion that an arm of the US Government loaned to Countrywide Financial is against the interests of America - maybe Americans should check on it!

God bless America!

Jim Twamley said...

I would like to think outside the box for a moment. If Europe is kicking our collective North American butts with the Euro and Asia is setting up to do the same aren't we left somewhat vulnerable? What if (and I don't believe for one second that it will happen in my lifetime) Canada, U.S., Mexico and Central America went to a combined currency like the Euro? Would we be more competitive or not? Would we somehow lose our individual nation status? Did the countries of Europe loose their national status? Not to my knowledge, so why not look at the possible benefits of a North American currency - are there any? Sure seems to be working for the Europeans. I would really like to go RVing in Europe, but the last time I checked the exchange rate was $1.48 for one Euro. So, I won't be going over there any time soon. Just a thought. Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing

contrarian2day said...

My thoughts on the NAU: Mexico has Cheap labor and Canada has Abundant Natural Resources

Once again, just like NAFTA, the NAU will lower America's Standard of living through job outsourcing.

I hope we can all agree that corporate bottom lines were the main reason for outsourcing our US manufacuuring base... So today we receive cheap imported goods at our borders, and these goods get handled by Union dockworkers and then get put on American Trucks (high labor costs cutting into corporate profits). Now stay with me for a moment.... Suppose now we now take all these cheap imports from Asia and offload them in Mexico (mexican labor with mexican wages and few benefits), put them on Mexican trucks and ship products to final destination (anywhere in US or Canada). Ultimately, this increases profits for BIG BUSINESS!!!

That Giant Sucking sound (loss of American Jobs)will merely get louder and our standard of living will continue to fall--until that time is is cheap enough to employ americans again.


The north american union is a terrible idea.


The north american unions a bad idea.