Sunday, January 03, 2010

Move Your Money!

Are you repulsed by this "too big to fail" crap piling up on the backs of the little guys? Do you often wonder if there is even a shred of integrity left in our political and economic systems? If you answered yes to these questions, I'd like to suggest that you take the time and make the effort to implement this as one of your New Year's Resolutions - that's right, take your money out of those greedy "to big to fail" entities and move it to a local bank or CU... Hit em where it hurts and let them know who is in control! Full disclosure - I already did!

If you'd like to spread the word and encourage others to do the same, copy the link below and send it to everyone in your contacts list - lets make this message go viral:

Find a bank near you:


Anonymous said...


happy new year

love from germany

Randy said...

Thank you Marcito and a very happy new year to you!


Michael said...

Hell yes! Just moved my account to a CU. Why support criminals? Vote with your $$, it's the only vote we have that means anything.

congo said...

What kind of returns are you getting on your money? I'm doing well in the indexed mutual funds.


Anonymous said...

Took your advise and transferred majority to my CU. Left BA open to pay bills only.
Thanks for the advise. Appreciate it.

anon916 said...

I transfered $$$ from Wells Fargo to a local CU a few months ago. This is good advice folks. However, I didn't close the Wells Fargo account, just moved most of the money.

Move your money said...

It seems that all move your money type campaigns are not created equal. Take The Robin Hood Tax for example. Taxing any business usually just transfers cost to consumers. Not to mention the inefficiency that occurs when it comes time to appoint tax revenue. It is becoming frustrating that popular movements against the banking system are having to operate under such imperfect themes in order to be understood or supported. The real cause of our banking woes is fiat currency and banks being the gatekeepers of our money-as-debt economic structure. Money should be based on a commodity, if not gold and silver, then energy, food, water, etc. Loans should not be a vehicle for banks to skim off the top of economic activity, they should be a vehicle for people with real capital to encourage technological and scientific improvements in a free market environment. Ron Paul is the only honest politician with the guts to continually address the fiat money issue. He needs more support among his own. Too bad there's no courage left in politics.