Monday, January 11, 2010

This Has Got To Be The End Of Tim Geithner

HuffPost Editor Roy Sekoff appeared on The Ed Show Thursday to weigh in on news that Tim Geithner and the New York Fed actively worked to keep details of bailed out insurer AIG's payments to Wall Street banks hidden from the public--even though it was taxpayer money that was being used.

Sekoff contends that this is just more evidence that the government has become "Of the bankers, for the bankers, and by the bankers."

"The fix is in," he said.


RestoreLibertyNow said...

Why are we still paying taxes to crooks? Spend money locally with local producers!

Willy2 said...

There was already in november last year a rumour that Geithner would be replaced by Jamie Dimon, CEO of Morgan Stanly. I think Geithner was allowed to stay over Christmas and New Year. So, this could be a campaign to damage Geithner.

But Dimon would be another Wall Street insider like Henry Paulson. Not a good developmnet !


Anonymous said...

I am sick of all this BS coming out of D.C. I wish we could set term limits for Congress, set it up so non-elected officials are not running this country (Fed, Treasury, etc.) and get the SEC to truly do their job...... Unfortunately this country has so many problems and corruptions, where do you begin to list them all, and correct them??

The Real Deal said...

a) The CEO of Goldman Sacks.
b)US Treasury Secretary, former regional Fed chief.

One has to go. Take your pick. This is a no-brainer. The Secretary will spend more time with his family.

Hey, even Obama has to go when he mess with Goldman. Congress needs Goldman OK before they reappoint Bernanke.

Goldman is the American sovereign.

There is only one way to tell Goldman somebody else is boss. The Russian way. You surround his corner office with M1A1 Abram tanks. If you know what I mean ...

Anonymous said...

the elite no longer care what the people think. They are going to do what they are going to do and the people, well untill we rise up, and make them care will be poorer and poorer and poorer until we can't fight.

Anonymous said...

So I was reading Automatic Earth last night and I think they put this into perspective.

It goes way beyond dumping Timmy and replacing him with yet another stooge
(and make no mistake, Geithner, Bernanke, Obama.... they are merely the "hired" help. Much the same as Barney Franks, retiring Chris Dodd, SEC head (the ever feckless) Mary Shapiro. In fact, the list of bought off politicians and regulators goes on and on.

As Sherlock Homes would say... There's bigger game afoot.

It's the parties that supplied the monies to buy these gov folk.
It's the people behind the Fed, behind the evil Goldman Sacks. And yes... is there any adjective better suited to GS than .... "Evil".

Death to the anti-christ --- Goldman Sacks.