Monday, March 17, 2008

Tax rebate funnies

Sometimes the best humor comes from truth


Anonymous said...

I noticed something today at my bank, (file this under the 'of course you'd do it too' file)

A bank I use has TV's in the lobby that are usually tuned to CNBC, or CNN were tuned to HGTV today.

I wonder if this was a single incident, or a management decision.

The bank's name starts with 'B' and has 'Of A' in it's name.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should've gone to another branch to see if it was an isolated incident.

Randy said...

Interesting indeed. Maybe they don't want anyone to become alarmed over the recent financial panic and then pull out their dough.

I'll keep this in mind the next time I stop into B of A.

Agree, in the past, I've NEVER seen anything but the news on these lobby TV's.

With that said, I've been thinking it may be time to keep significant spare cash on hand -- in case we DO have banking issues in the not too distant future...

Joe said...

Wait it gets better...
I HONESTLY was in B of A yesterday to ask about protocols for withdrawing my savings account in cash.
So I was a little more 'keyed in' to the fact that CNN or CNBC wasn't on TV just because I was there in the first place out of FEAR of the financial news.

Another interesting thing, (now that I think about it)
The little 20 yr old teller girl (BoA has such cute tellers!) didn't look completely taken aback when I inquired about the protocol for a large cash withdrawl.
She knew the policy right away.
(Was that good company education, or had she recently been asked by a another patron?)

I decided against it yesterday, because I don't need the red flags with the IRS for lots of cash transactions.

I figure I'll try to time it somewhere between the IRS not caring anymore, and the dollar not being worth anything anymore.
(Or losing the ability to withdraw from my accounts.)