Saturday, April 19, 2008

Can Gold Hit $2,000?

"Inflation adjusted, going back to 1980 prices, gold today should be over $2,300 an ounce, so making the statement that gold could go to $2,000 is not irrational," Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors told CNBC.

Holmes notes that most commodities have gone through their "inflation-adjusted 1980price levels," with the notable exception of gold. Holmes later discusses the US dollar, financials, stock markets, energy, etc. (click start button twice)



sid r real said...

Without even looking at the video I'll ask adn asnwer that question...

Q: Can gold hit $2k/oz?

A: Should the Dow still be up @ 12.5k?

(Now I know you're thinking I'm trying to get you to say 'no' and so answer the gold $2k question in the negative, but that's not quite what I'm theorizing.

My theory (which is mine, ahem... cough cough) is that if the Dow is holding 12.5k then ANYTHING's not only possible, but probable.

(But with the dollar @ .50 then $2k gold would seem a shoe in.)

Interesting times to be alive.

Hey, do you get extra credit if your investment portfolio's 'precious metals' catagory now includes lead in it's holdings?
(Or if you've recently purchased a Gadsden flag?)(Don't Tread On Me)

Sorry, midnight saturday ramblings.

I'll go get back on my meds now.


Randy said...

Good point: USDX @ 50 = $2K gold easy and probably $200 bbl oil too.

I wrote (not too far back) a quick piece regarding the potential (future) high price for gold:
Gold--How High? and think $2K is much too low if TSHTF.

To answer your question regarding lead: What good is gold (and Silver) if you can't protect it when needed? So, yes I believe it should be extra credit... Note: I prefer my lead in hollow point form.

I haven't seen a Gladsden flag in years.

Best regards


Dr Purva Pius said...
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