Monday, April 07, 2008

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D. Ohio) on NAFTA and Globalists

Finally, one of our elected representatives discussing an issue of MAJOR importance and looking out for our (the people's) best interests. Why don't we see this type of discussion from our Presidential front runners? hmmm...

Wake up people!!!!


45north said...

I'm a Canadian. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) seems to be more about trade with China than trade with Canada. I'm pretty sure that China is in Asia.

As Marcy Kaptur says wake up America!

God bless America!

Randy said...

It's about cheap labor and corporate Bottom Lines--Damn the US worker and American Security, we need bigger profits!!!

It's almost laughable 1) how corrupt our leaders have become and 2) how ignorant the masses are about #1.

Thanks for posting up 45. It's good to hear from you.


Anonymous said...


I am an American currently living in Australia. Great blog. I've added it to the daily read.

As you must know by now, our former republic is in the firm grip of a plutocratic cryptocracy. These luciferians will not give up power easily. I encourage your readers to learn self reliance. Prepare. It is prudent.


Randy said...

Anon 10:01,

I'm honored to be part of your daily read--thanks.

As for your comments, I couldn't agree more.

Appreciate your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

It's the Security Protection (SGT)Trade Agreement that we also need to be greatly concerned about. As a trade agreement, Bush could sign this into action all by himself. It's in action and operating below the radar level The information can be found at There is a lot of money to be made or lost. A lot of our freedoms are evaporating. pax

Anonymous said...

It's SPP not STP. I lost control of my fingers. The dangerous agreement is named the Security Protection Partnership (SPP). More information and links can be found at
This is one of those done deals that's flying beneath radar detection. I found out about it from a friend who listens to late night radio. There's lots of money to be made or lost and our freedoms and mobility lost.
My understanding of this involves offloading or loading materials at limited Mexican, US and Canadian ports. The goods will be sent via rail, truck, or air to a central hub in Kansas City. Sorting and further shipping occurs there. I'm not sure where customs/inspections occurs.
What little info that appears is brief and positive. I do know local hearings held in small places have trurned away concerned people due to the fire marshall occupancy levels. Seizure of private lands is occurring in the United States. What's happening in Mexico and Canada is also kept quiet and localized.
The controversy about secure borders etc is a smoke screen. This situation changes everything. Perhaps the 4/8/08 Absolut Vodka ad is just premature. pax Helen

Matt said...

Good for her! We need more people like this in office! I just finished "The Late Great USA" by Jerome Corsi. I recommend it, it is very informative. This is the first step of the NAU. The EU started out with trade laws as well. It's all incremental. Small steps so we don't notice. We need to stop this now! Defend your country! Defend your job!