Saturday, April 05, 2008

Peter Schiff on Wall Street Bailout

Peter Schiff on CNN discussing Wall Street Bailout -- Says we're heading for economic collapse; Failure of government and the Fed's bubble policy has led us to this mess:


Anonymous said...

Interesting exchange at 4:10. Commodity prices are not going up because of the FED actions. "Demand is from the money that we print". Inflation is not being caused by rising commodity prices... its the low interest rates and money printing thats causing

The CNN guy insists its "World Demand" thats causing the rise in commodity price and the FED is NOT responsible for this. Mr. Schiff insists its the FED's creation of low interest rates and money printing thats causing it. I think Schiff is Spot On. There may be World Demand.. but thats not in itself the cause and effect of what we are seeing on commodities. jeez...

That was a great clip. Thank you.

Wise Old Woman Trainee said...

I've been reading the Economicrot Blog and comments. Thanks for writing all this. It's good to know I'm not by myself.

As a Combat Nam Nurse with ptsd, I no longer practice nursing. I live in a small rural Missouri area that has natural resources, fertile soil and so far potable water. Many of the people I enjoy and surround myself with tend to be of the Harry S. Truman style.

While there a number of things I can no longer do, I'm a source for information, teaching, sharing, encouragement and laughter. I also enjoy storytelling.

Even though I don't have resources to purchase gold, silver and such, I gather up useful supplies for myself and others. When our distribution system really slows down, these items will be very helpful.

I'm also increasing my cooking skills. Appetite fatigue is a real deal thing. People who can make available foods taste good and nutritious are valued. pax

Randy said...

Anon 5:21,

Agree, he tried to "school" the bonehead, but I still don't think he got it.

No problem and thanks for posting up!

Wise Old Woman,

Really appreciate your comments and though you state you haven't the resources for gold and silver, sounds like you're light-years ahead of the sheeple who are stuck in the big city and dependent on commercial goods and supply lines. Social skills, agriculture and natural resources are absolutely priceless.

BTW: Thank you for your prior service to our country and its soldiers.

Best regards


Patrick said...

A Global House of Cards: Interview with Josh Rosner

Institutional Risk Analyst


In order to gain some further perspective of the state of the financial markets, this week The IRA talks to Josh Rosner, Managing Director of Graham, Fischer & Co, a New York based independent research consultancy that advises regulators and institutional investors on housing and mortgage finance related issues. Previously he was the Managing Director of financial services research for Medley Global Advisors.

Randy said...

Thanks Patrick. Yes, very good article. I happened to read it last night.