Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something to think about

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I snapped this picture at the Washington DC Holocaust Memorial Museum last summer because it says so much that we - as complacent / tolerant Americans - should relate and pay attention to.

What do I mean?

Well, when we reflect upon all the changes taking place in our country today, we have several choices: 1) We can bury our heads in the sand and pretend that our leaders are looking out for our best interests and that all is and will continue to be well. 2) We can sit back and watch the despicable activities of our elected representatives, the gutting of our nation, the looting of our treasury, the loss of our freedoms, etc and do nothing about it - thinking it's futile and that we really have nothing to fear - because it doesn't impact us personally anyway, or 3) We can get involved and demand (via regularly contact with our elected representatives, involvement in tea parties, on line polls, etc) that our government listen to and act upon the interests of the American people instead of the crooked Bankers, Corporations and Special interest groups...

Ultimately, I've always believed there were three types of people in this world

1) those who make things happen
2) those who watch what happens
3) those who wonder what happened

Unfortunately, the majority of our reality TV, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol obsessed citizens fall into the bottom two types... And unless that changes soon our era may be marked by similar quotations...

Think about it!


Anonymous said...

Most of the politicians, of course, belong to 3).

The Executive branch, as proven, belongs to 2).

As you 1), how about the terrorists. Ben Ladin? Yes but that's old news. Try the Madoff guys.

Jb said...

Great post, Randy. I kept on reading The Military Conundrum post below and ended up on the Oath Keepers website. Keep up the great work! Jb

Anonymous said...

March On D.C. July 4th Weekend
I have traveled the internet far and wide over the past 4 years. It is full of people exposing the truth of the times we live in. Most certainly there is no one person who I find myself in complete agreement with. However there are many of us who agree that our Nation is in dire straits. I believe such people need to set aside their differences and unite in our demand for an honest attempt to bring about a true and viable change in the direction of lifting our Nation out of the quagmire of economic and political ruin it is currently in.

I think many of us here on the web can agree that the U.S.A. cannot continue on it's current path and expect to remain a sovereign Nation. We need to utilize the strength in what it is that we have in common. That being the urgent desire for a true change in this Nation. Not some empty political slogan but rather a deafening demand for an overwhelming change in the direction of our Nation.

We need to get the attention of those who govern us. What better way than for us to unite as one people? We need to set our hearts on such a gathering and keep our hands on the plowshare that brings this to fruition.

July 4th of this year 2010 falls on a Sunday. We need to unite and let our desire for true change be heard in such a way that not even the MSM can deny the impact of our united voice. Then our fellows who are still in a slumber might be awakened and join us in our push for redemption of this Nation.

We need to make up our minds and commit ourselves to a gathering in D.C. on the weekend of July 4th with the culmination of it falling on that Sunday. We can make this happen. We can unite that weekend and our many voices will become a deafening ONE.

I started this blog for the implicit reason of inspiring us to set aside a weekend of barbecues and fireworks for something much more important and outright vital. As this gathers steam we can put our heads together as to how we want to proceed once we have all gathered. This march should not be built around any one man. It should be built around our desire and demand for true change in the way that we are governed.

Think about this for a minute. Think about the impact that such a gathering would have. A united voice so loud that the entire Nation stops to listen.

Please feel free to comment. This blog was created as a hub for the purpose stated within this post. Please spread it everywhere that you go on the internet. Let this purpose catch fire in the hearts of all of those who see the danger our Nation is in.

Thank you for your efforts.
March On D.C. July 4th Weekend

45north said...

it would take a lot for a politician to tell the truth! The truth is Americans are going to have to accept a lower standard of living. A lower minimum wage. A smaller car. A smaller house. Less health care. Failing this, you have dishonesty, in politics and in financial dealings.

In Canada, I think that the truth is closer to the surface and maybe is about to break free. The Finance Minister has recently announced a tightening of the terms of mortgages. Not much of a change but in the right direction.

Jb said...

Re: July 4
I'm all in favor of marching in DC on July 4. We live about 2 hours away in central VA and would even be willing to have a guest from out of town attending the event stay with us.

Anonymous said...

Randy - the economic well has been poisoned, and the time for ranting and raving is long passed.

Until I see libertarian and independent candidates elected, I'll believe it when I see it.