Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Military Conundrum: Follow Orders, Or Follow The Constitution?

A must read: The Military Conundrum: Follow Orders, Or Follow The Constitution?

Excerpt: Unlike the Great Depression (a deflationary collapse), a hyper-inflationary disintegration would shut down ALL economic activity except for trade and barter. Civil unrest would be difficult to avoid. When people begin to starve, even the most apathetic will take to the streets.

Preparations for a breakdown of this magnitude have already been made, most likely because elements of the government know full well that their financial actions will cause an economic disaster.

Towards the end of his second term, George W. Bush issued Presidential Security Directive 51, which under continuity of government gives the Executive Branch and the head of the Department of Homeland Security full control over state and local governments without the consent of Congress during a national emergency. The document was considered so volatile that the White House censored most of its contents. In fact, not even Congress has been allowed to see the entire PDD 51 document, which in itself is a gross violation of Constitutional Law. PDD 51 along with the Patriot Act also allows the President to declare a “national emergency” whenever he sees fit, thus giving him the power to pronounce himself de facto dictator of the U.S. without any checks or balances from the other branches of government.

Barack Obama, to the shock of many Democrats who believed he would rescind such orders after taking office, has actually supported them fully and is now quietly hiding Patriot Act legislation in his latest jobs bill so that Congress will be forced to pass it. (Note that buried this info on the last page of the article.)

Under martial law, all Constitutional rights and personal liberties are no longer legally protected. For instance, the Patriot Act and the Homegrown Terrorist Act allow the government to label anyone, regardless of how ambiguous the charges, as an enemy combatant. This includes American civilians. As an enemy combatant, you would no longer have rights under Habeas Corpus. You could be apprehended, charged, and locked away without ever seeing a lawyer, without ever contacting your family, and you could be held indefinitely (life imprisonment without a trial). Many Americans have a tendency to take for granted such official protections as the right to a trial or even a simple phone call. In a martial law scenario, it would be difficult to conjure even the semblance of a fair legal system.

Military control over civilian affairs often leads to totalitarianism, and not always because this is what military personnel wish for. The military system itself is not built on Constitutional ideals, and is therefore philosophically and politically incapable of administrating a society based on personal liberty. The military does not operate on democracy. Soldiers do not vote on decisions. They are not given the legal option of choice. They live in a highly restrictive social structure in which orders are passed and followed generally without question. Most importantly, soldiers are not trained to dispense balanced justice or mediate civilian affairs; they are trained to kill enemies, and that is all. Martial law not only tears down much need barriers between the military and civilian dichotomy, but it also simultaneously creates a dangerous division. The military is trained to fight and destroy the opposition, but what happens when the citizenry itself is painted as the opposition? Without a Constitutional framework, only disaster will result.

If you are military or police (current or retired) please follow up and share this link: Oath Keepers

The Oath keepers are a nonpartisan group of current and retired law enforcement and military personnel who vow to fulfill their oaths to the Constitution and pledge to prevent a dictatorship in United States by laying down their arms in response to unlawful orders.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Oreilly was mocking the oath keepers a couple weeks ago so you know there good. I believe we already live in a fascist police state. Most people don't because they've never had to deal with cops. I was homeless and police target homeless people more than drug dealers. It will be interesting to see how the stalinist police react to the flood of homeless people in the coming years. I guarantee you nothing will change, they'll lock people up for no reason. I was arrested 18 times and ten of them I was innocent but it still goes on your record. Good luck getting a job with my background.

45north said...


It will be interesting to see how the stalinist police react to the flood of homeless people in the coming years.

Yes it will. We need to try to minimize the damage. Having a place to stay is better than not. Can you find some kind of job where they feed you?

Police are going to feel threatened. Lots of reasons: more homeless people, budget cuts, obviously the Police will be driving older cars with older equipment, threat of being laid off from the police force, no room in detention centres. In California I read that the authorities were going to release prisoners because there was no room. Did they?

There needs to be work-for-food jobs. The ideas have to come locally from people that can make it work on a small scale. Barack Obama brags about his community roots but when the chips were down he gave away the store to the big guys!

I see my children having to deal with lowered expectations. The dream is have a regular job, get married, have a house and have children. The dream is becoming increasingly difficult and for some unrealistic.

Oh yeah Anonymous. It's better to be a person than anonymous! Give yourself a name and take a picture.

God bless!

God bless!

The Yen Guy said...

I am not part of the Oath Takers Group.

I believe there is one and only One Law -- it superceeds the US Constitution.

For some reason I cannot post the URL link here; but the article can be blogged by Googling There Be Only One Law theyenguy

Rob said...

Unfortunately Randy, the 80% of people I work with would obey any unlawful order to suppress the citizenry. They fear a more a loss of their pension than the loss of our liberty. It is sickening to me.,... I will not join the oath keepers though, since I think it is a counter-intelligence operation, working for Homeland Security, to provide intel on members. I've read of such methods employed by the KGB in the USSR to disrupt political movements. But, of course, I am merely speculating.