Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Funnies - 11 April 2010

I think we've got some good ones this week. I laughed my fool head off on a few of them. Anyway - enjoy! Click any image to enlarge..


BxCapricorn said...

Greece got its' first bailout (in a series). Euro looks like it will swoon, dollar will rise, commodities will reluctantly get the picture.

Is Spain next? or California?

BxCapricorn said...

Randy, did you see this in the NY Post?

Could be interesting to watch. A 100-1 leveraged position in gold. Wow.

Randy said...

No I didn't, thanks for sharing BXCap: Here it is again for anyone who may have trouble with the previous link:

Metal$ are in the pits Trader blows whistle on gold & silver price manipulation

Jb said...

I bought some 10 oz silver bars a couple weeks ago down at $16.4 and am waiting for them to short the market again - bring it on JPM! There was a great (long) read on FOFOA.blogspot on Gold and Money in case anyone missed it.

My favorite this week is the 3rd grade teacher standing behind the poor guy in line. It's not funny but it made me laugh! Thanks, Randy.

Randy said...

Yes JB, FOFOA is a bud of mine and I try to keep up with his thought provoking articles... That one was a doosie - much of it written in 99 - explaining how everything we know about the global monetary system relate to decades of behind the scene shenanigans that will soon cause the devious manipulators to be caught empty handed and bare assed - and the price of gold to explode!

BxCapricorn said...

I'm expecting a repeat of the last precious metal dip, as metal is sold to cover the bond loans to Greece, and then I'll look for the reversal signal once again.

It's been frustrating to be a technical trader during a melt-up market, as Joe Six-Pack chases returns with his retirement money, but that's the game that's played. It's best to be all cash at the top but that's easier said than done. If we correct or implode at this point, I will have done it, but this charade can go on for quite some time.

jbsties said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm an architect, not a trader, so alot of this outside my area of expertise. Over the last six months or so I've been closely following the economy and peak oil; I see dark days ahead.

BxCapricorn said...


Zerohedge has a post that you've got to read.

So many angles.