Saturday, April 03, 2010

Weekend funnies - April 3, 2010

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Happy Easter everyone!


Anonymous said...

You need to re-evaluate what your follow order or constitution is in wake of the Assemblies not the Grand Juries 'restore America plan' But seriously they are still both mans government. and from the looks of things you are no better than the Government run churches which are (501c3) they skip the tax but scripture says Render unto Ceasar.

And finally Your really ignorant they is no Easter so why promote it - there is Passover only and The Messiah a Hebrew not a greek( lower case=disrespect) was Crucified for sin on Passover

Easter huh you have no clue that evil thing so here it is. It is not in the Scripture and neither is your Pagan Christmas:

Pesach (Hebrew) in english is Passover, Easter is Ishtar, (Semiramis, widow of Nimrod, mother of Tammuz) the name of the bare breasted pegan fertility goddess of the east who came out of heaven in a giant egg, landing in the euphrates river at sunrise on the first Sunday after the veral equinox, busting out turning a bird into an egg laying rabbit. After that point in time the priest of Easter would sacrifice infants and then take the eggs of Easter and die them in the blood of the sacrificed infants. These eggs would hach on December 25th and that is where that pagan Holy Day comes from

myself said...

Randy, great collection, as usual. The # 4 panel [underwater] will soon change to the public sector dropping below the private. A recent court ruling said that public-sector retirees don't have the same rights as private sector retirees.
What else could the SOBs do when GOV pensions are underfunded by $ 70 trillion? Sad all the way around.

Craig W. Wright said...

Hey thanks for the cartoons.

I link to them every week.

Maybe you'd link to my weekly sometime?

We're certainly on the same page with respect to financial stuff (and probably political stuff too).

Alice Van-Weed said...

artistic and funny...the last image is a real LOL..