Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Funnies 24 April 2010

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BxCapricorn said...

Looks like gold and silver are topping out again.

Another wild week for the cartoonists. Instead of focusing on the Abacus fund, they should be focusing in on the various junk bonds sold to Cities, Counties and local governments, by these Wall Street "banks".

Poor Jefferson County Alabama. Poor,literally.

Jb said...

I hope you're right BxC; I'm looking for another dip to buy. StreetMoney21 on YouTube has been following this closely too.

Great toons; I love the squid head and the dead bird on the side of the mailbox. Looks like Goldman has a serious PR problem!

Thanks Randy!

Anonymous said...

OMG Randy!!! That is by far the most intriguing collection you've posted up. Is it not strange how those of us who are aware and therefore angered beyond measure by all of the lies and fraud can laugh so damn hard at these illustrations? I guess it's a break from the anger. Thank you very much.


BxCapricorn said...

Trying to view the trade here, and this is what I'm thinking will happen. Greece gets bailed out, as we already knew because of the $420B in funds that shifted a few weeks ago, in the Commercial credit World.

Gold and silver get hit hard, the shorts push the precious metals down as hard as they can, forcing hedge funds to liquidate, and this final blow out sets up the perfect buy opportunity for a seriously long time, as the Yuan unpegs, and China's purchasing power becomes enormous. They buy the commodities they lack, with their new currency strength. Exporters have to adjust in China, but they do because their internal markets can make up for their loss of external market supply advantages.

Companies like GM, that sell to China (Boeing, comes to mind), should do well. Oil rigs, oil, oil services all do well. Who doesn't do well....discuss.