Thursday, July 01, 2010

Currencies are Doomed - Go for the Gold

A United Nations report has slammed the American dollar, deeming it an unreliable reserve currency in need of replacement. The UN recommends using a mixed bag of currencies from developed nations. But Gerald Celente, the director of the Trends Research Institute, believes the proposed system could collapse and all currencies are doomed.

Go for the Gold!


BxCapricorn said...

Look for a quick downward movement from silver and another 15% rally. Sold my ZSL position at $35 plus. Happy 4th!

BxCapricorn said...

BTW, Gerald Celente can kiss my ass, since he's been a broken record for the past four years, and hasn't enlightened me on a timing time! You have also not said word one on all of the times I've been right in my trades, so this whole doom-and-gloom nonsense has worn thin. Hey, the World Ends,and I told you so....who cares?

Are you happy now that old people and those dependent on social services are sentenced to die?

Is this a rich vs. poor thing? A Democrat vs. Republican thing? A populist vs. other thing? A race vs. race thing? A US vs. the World thing?

It's a freakin' market trade thing. Don't you get it? All money and all shiny things are fake. We have lizard brains, and those that manipulate the world know this....

BxCapricorn said...

I'm all in Thursday, for the record. My indicators are screaming to buy. So I did. That being said, have you seen this "A Whale" ship? CNN had a tour, and I thought it would have delaval type oil separators like Costner's V20s...but it's simply a five stage, phase separator. I processed water for a decade at nuke plants, so I can tell you this ship's not complicated and can get the job done, but it's nothing exceptional.

With Costner's ships and this honking "Whale" patrolling the Gulf of Mexico, the "goes out" will keep up with the "goes in" even if the cement foundation fails and the BOP collapses. I have a feeling they know this, and that's why those ships are being deployed.

To others reading this blog, do you remember Y2K? I know I do. I ran some pretty computer dependent equipment, and I must have been asked a thousand times what will happen when the century turned over. My replay was that I pulled the Allen-Bradley chip and replaced it with the chip with the firmware upgrade related to proper date coding, on all of my equipment. I must have said it a thousand times, but the lizard brains that watch TV were still scared to DEATH. The century turns over.....and nothing happened. NOTHING. Planes didn't fall out of the air. Pets didn't explode. Guys like Celente would have been extolling the doom-and-gloom, while secretly invested in other trades. TRADES. That's all anything of this is. Remember that.