Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Funnies 18 July

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Anonymous said...

great stuff randy!

it seems like the media is waking up and sees whats really coming.

keep on posting!

love ur blog

marc from gemany

45north said...

okay here's your homework

57 minutes!

Elizabeth Warren has penetrating insight on the American family. Now a family must get 104 pay checks to pay the mortgage whereas in 1970 it (the family) had to get 52.

The middle class is getting squeezed.

LIke I knew this already but she sets straight just how stretched the middle class is. Appeals for social justice are appeals to a wealthy secure middle class which is increasingly impoverished and insecure.

BxCapricorn said...

How's that $5K/ounce gold working out? Sure, you just saw a technical bottom bounce, but have you ever researched those Canadians that pump gold 24/7?

You really should. Deflation is going to pull every ounce of gold jewelry out of everyone's stash, push the price down, and then it's easy sweeping for those guys, who load up for the next inflation leg up while the gold bug "investor" stares off into space, clutching the illusion they sold you.

Buy things you can use, like tools, food, alcohol, flour, dried pasta, car parts, etc. You think the Chinese have a clue? They're about to implode, just as we did, in exactly the same way...triggering real deflation. Not this version. When skinny people complain about not being able to find a job, then you'll know it's the real thing. This isn't it.

BxCapricorn said...

Killer well is going to be capped in a few weeks. A third of the area for fishing has been returned to the fishermen, in one day.

Although I agree that reality will wear an ugly face, it won't be for a while and we've got a whole lot of deflation to enjoy first. Stock up on dry goods, sell your gold while you can, and buy it back later at half off. I say the reversal comes mid-day tomorrow, 7/27 at noon, but it won't be too ugly. Retrace 8% and then the wanna-be-re-electeds start rolling out the programs to kill this deflation. We rally on the news, but the rally can't last, cause we've got to let it play out.

BTW, if Matthew Simmons is correct (and I personally think he's smoking dope lately) about the methane and gas bubble in the Gulf taking out beach combers in the SE...all bets are off. Isn't that idiot an investment banker. Since when does he know anything about physics or the drill bit?

Jb said...

Randy, I hope you didn't fall off a roof or something!? Thanks for the comics; looking forward to more of your thoughts.