Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Japan: America's Lost Decade

Another great video from Inflation.us: reporting on Japan's "Lost Decade" of deflation and how it relates to the U.S. economy. This video attempts to prove that America is more likely to experience hyperinflation than Japan-like deflation.


Jb said...

Thanks Randy.

BxCapricorn said...

You gold guys are screwed now:


Cramer is the "Kiss of Death" because, the "street" tells him what to unload onto the masses...and he's pimping gold right now.

Do I hear $850/ounce?

Willy2 said...

How long do you believe that the US is going to experience Hyper-inflation ?

If you want to see (hyper-)inflation then you should look at the stockmarkets in the US from, say 1981 to 2007. That's Hyper-inflation !

Gold at $ 850/ounce ? Why not ? But the purchasing power of gold can go up in spite of gold going down in price. Look at the Gold to CRB ratio in the last three years. That ratio went up !

Oh, Hugh Hendry is absolutely right ! Deflation ! What happens in say one two or three years remains to be seen. But until then: Deflation !