Saturday, August 07, 2010

Weekend Funnies - 7 Aug 2010

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BxCapricorn said...
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BxCapricorn said...

I was watching the local news today and an unemployed sheet metal worker was talking about being unemployed. I looked out of my window and saw zero cranes on the Las Vegas (actually, Paradise) skyline. If I were him, I would get out of town and find somewhere else, if all I classified myself as, was a sheet metal worker.

Las Vegas has the highest unemployment rate because no one has mentioned this simple, obvious fact. We've built out the tourism industry, and have no future expansionist plans. We have two years of conveyance building for flood control, and that's it. We're designed for tourists and retirees.

Why doesn't Mayor Goodman, and others just state the obvious. We have 16,000 construction workers waiting around for the next wave of building, when it's never going to happen. MGM, LVS and Wynn are putting their cash into Asia. They say it every day, in every way. It's time for those unemployed here, to realize their situation and plan accordingly.

Jb said...

'Prove the Mayans Right' was our favorite hands down. Gone are the references to the Gulf and Greece! The focus has moved on I guess. Feels like the public's anger is centered on DC. Can't wait to see what trickery comes out of the Capitol this Fall.

Construction in my area seems to be at a crawl too; mostly very small renovation work. My work on the design end has slowed to a trickle. I have no idea what to do next for income. Thanks Randy.

Thanks Randy!

Craig W. Wright said...

Good stuff as always.

BxCapricorn said...

Killed my blog. Don't care anymore about what lies "in store". Gonna live every day like I mean it.

As far as believing that some giant, rich group of individuals care about YOU...that's hilarious. There are no conspiracies. It's all done right in front of you, every single day. Gold won't protect you. It's a sucker's play. You think THEY don't know how you've hedged your bets. Really?

Look at the Indus River Valley. You think gold or silver would have protected them? High ground and freeze dried food would have.