Sunday, October 03, 2010

Gold price @ $1500 by end of year 2010

Bloomberg Interview w/Jeffrey Nichols (Sr. Economic Advisor to Rosland Capital). Jeffrey: "Great chance of $1500 by EOY"; the gold market is very small market compared to world equity, currency and bond markets and just a small shift in portfolio preference (into gold) will significantly impact this market. Additionally, Asian hunger for the yellow metal is a big plus... Other issues discussed - Weaker dollar, Central Bank purchases, Stagflation, etc


Shannon said...

Who do you noramally buy gold from? Do you physicaly get gold in the mail, or a certificate?

Randy said...

Hi Shannon, hope you and Josh are well.

I use two sources and highly recommend both:

1) (link on the right side of my blog) - I've always dealt with Ken Slater

2) APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange) - order directly on-line

Both have really good prices, but you must pay shipping w/APMEX - will cover shipping on orders > $2K;

APMEX advantage is: you can pay with credit card (though you pay an additional transaction fee)

Yes Absolutely!!! Get physical possession of your metals regardless of where you purchase.

Note: through personal experience, I would suggest you STAY AWAY from MONEX, GoldLine and any other TV/Radio advertised dealer who use commissioned sale folks... They will push you into things you do not understand (and priced with a significant premium - their cut!!)


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Debraven said...

To Shannon, another option you might want to think about.. find a rebutable local coin dealer to purchase gold and silver. That is what my husband and I do.

Shannon said...

Thank you for the advice Randy! I will take that into consideration. Josh and I are doing pretty good. The Lord is sustaining us in this difficult time. Take care. :o)

Debraven...thank you for that bit of advice too!

Randy said...

My pleasure Shannon and I'm glad you two are doing well considering the extremely difficult situation you are dealing with. I am so very sorry for your loss and will keep you guys in my prayers.