Wednesday, September 29, 2010

77% of Americans now living paycheck-to-paycheck!!!

The employment company CareerBuilder, in partnership with Harris Interactive, conducts an annual survey to determine the percentage of Americans living paycheck to paycheck.

  • In 2007, 43 percent fell into this category
  • In 2008, the number increased to 49 percent
  • In 2009, the number skyrocketed up to 61 percent
  • In their most recent survey, the number exploded to a mind-shattering 77 percent

Yes, 77 percent of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. This means in our nation of 310 million citizens, 239 million Americans are one setback away from economic ruin.

link to report here


Anonymous said...

Well this is certainly an eyeopener! What a potential tradgedy! Thanks for the info...

Anonymous said...

How bad could it be? My local newspaper posted this bit of financial advice on the front page of their online newspaper this morning:

I doubt if The WSJ will offer Wall Street advice similar to what Main Street is getting.
"No matter how cynical I become, I can barely keep up." (Lily Tomlin)

Randy said...

Donating Plasma - too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's take a quick look at the issue. We as Americans have no money to help our economy, most of us have jobs, but the companies we work for care very little about their people and only the all mighty dollar. I am an IT Professional, yet half my staff is overseas. Interesting thing is that they really don't help, I have to go back behind them and redo the work they have done. So not only am I doing my work, I am doing theirs too. If I did that I would no longer have a job, so why do we put up with the lack of service these people cause and give it to the people that are doing what it takes to support our clients. And by keeping them on our American Payroll the money they receive goes to their countries economy and never comes back to the states. How is that a logical decision for the American people in such hard times? It appears through my experience, clients pay my company for our support, (my company’s client list are household names) but when the support fails our company pays a SLA penalty. So now the company is not making money but shelling out cash cause of the lack of support by the overseas groups. The offshoring of jobs that are done in America should stop and giving back to the people of America. That is my 2 cents. --- C