Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DOW - what can we expect tomorrow and Friday?

Despite all the bad economic news of late, the DOW has held up relatively well so far this week - even rising to meet its 50-day Moving Average (MA 50 in chart below).

I do believe however, the tide is likely to turn tomorrow and Friday's close may be significantly lower than today's close.

Why do I feel this way? Take a look at the economic data scheduled for release over the next two days (below chart). If Initial Jobless Claims, Retail Sales and Mich Sentiment come in worse than anticipated, look out below.

With that said, I'm just a little Joe Schmuck armed with a small computer and a little common sense... so, if a bumpkin like me can sense the potential for a nice downturn, I guarantee you the PPT is also watching - therefore, be prepared... If the data comes in bad, expect to see some wild volatility over the next couple of days, as the PPT tries to plug holes and backfill the falling markets with your freshly infused taxpayer-owed cash.

Due tomorrow:
Dec 11 08:30 Export Prices ex-ag. Nov
Dec 11 08:30 Import Prices ex-oil Nov
Dec 11 08:30 Initial Claims 12/06 (This is a biggie)
Dec 11 08:30 Trade Balance Oct

Due Friday:
Dec 12 08:30 Core PPI Nov
Dec 12 08:30 PPI Nov
Dec 12 08:30 Retail Sales Nov (Another Biggie)
Dec 12 08:30 Retail Sales ex-auto Nov
Dec 12 10:00 Business Inventories Oct
Dec 12 10:00 Mich Sentiment-Prel. Dec (Pretty big also)


Anonymous said...

First big one is out:

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Soar 58,000 to 573,000 - most in 26 years!

DOW futures down 100

Mad Dog said...

Market is still holding up...
I don't get it!

Really weird. I think they are waiting to see if the Auto Bail-Out happens or not. I think either way, there will be a sell-off.

Anonymous said...

Randy I don't see a contact button anywhere??

How do you lift video's from y tube and put them on your blog? I want to do that to mine...Thx

justin said...


Copy the "embed" video part. Paste it in your post wherever you desire it to be. Hope that helped.

jerry said...

We just cannot say that the PPT is not manipulating the market to keep it above 8000. If you look at how the DOW worked today, we saw a bell curve early and by 1-2 pm the market began to drop. It was fell below 200 and then, it remarkably went up at the end of the trading day. Sounds fishy to me.

To embed a video, as Justin stated, you copy the embed code from the youtube video. make sure you get the entire code copied.

On your blogspot, go to customize. On the right, you will see "add a gadget". Open that. Scroll down to "HTML/JavaScript". Open that and paste the link in the large text box. At the top, type in your title if want to. Hit save.