Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lindsey Williams Update - Must hear!

The insider information continues... Lindsey Williams spoke with Alex Jones on Dec 1, 2008 - telling us all what we should/can expect to see over the next 12 months. Let me forewarn you, though the clip ends abruptly, the info you will hear is downright scary!

So, who is Lindsey Williams ?


Lindsey was a an ordained Baptist minister in Alaska during the energy crisis of the 70's and was present in several "Top Level meetings" when the largest oil field ever discovered in North America was celebrated (Gull Island Oil Field)-- only to become "Classified" the next day and never tapped/put to use....

Why? To control oil supplies and establish a dollar pricing agreement w/OPEC -- so they would recycle those dollars, and buy our national debt - As he who controls oil and oil pricing, controls the world.

Skipping ahead to recent events:

Back in June 2008, when oil was flirting with $150 a barrel and many were predicting $200+, Lindsey received death threats and abruptly had to shut down his web site, stop selling his books/CD's, etc - for discussing many of the secrets he knew of from his earlier days in Alaska. Anyway, when discussing these life/death issues with an "insider friend" who has close relations with the illuminati (the small group who control the world economy), the friend provided more insider information and stated: oil would swiftly be crushed down to $50 a barrel - in the quest to bankrupt OPEC, but this action would also KILL the US economy and collapse the Dollar - leading to unprecedented financial strife and turmoil in the US.

My previous archived Lindsey Williams posts can be found here Note: oldest posts towards the bottom, most recent at the top.

Video Below:

Now that Oil HAS collapsed to < $50 (as predicted against all odds) the December 1st interview w/Alex Jones (below) is an effort to bring us up to date with future economic expectations - and I'll cut to the chase: A TOTAL US FINANCIAL COLLAPSE, Economic Depression and Hyperinflation - within 12 months!

I know this info sounds far-fetched, but Lindsey certainly deserves some credibility for being right with his earlier predictions...

Do with this info whatever you desire, but we have been warned... A small group of very powerful men are trying to manipulate our economic destiny - to their own benefit.

Hat tip FOFOA - for the video link


Gary Near Death Valley said...

I have read other people talk about the financial collapse of the dollar during the next year also. Hope people begin to understand what terrible strait this country is in. 1. Pay down your debt 2. Acquire precious metals while low now 3.Grow a garden or learn how to to begin in the spring 4. Work with like minded people so you can help each other down the road.

Justin_n_IL said...

The masses are absolutely clueless of the severity.

Anonymous said...

Hang on. Back in the July 30th post, Williams' insider told him the following things are to happen by mid-2009.

(1) news of super giant oil fields, ready to produce, would be announced for two locations, in the Northern Slopes of Russia and in Indonesia, which oil fields would together contain more oil reserves than the entire Middle East;
-Some discovery, but not that eclipse the Middle East

(2) that this news would drive oil prices down to $50/barrel;
We're already sub-$50 without #1 happening. Close number, if not a little high, but wrong reasons.

(3) that OPEC countries, especially in the Middle East, would be bankrupted by this price decrease;
-Not yet

(4) that this would cause the financing of our foreign trade and current account deficits through purchases of treasury paper by foreign nations with their surplus oil profits to collapse, leading to the collapse of the dollar;
-Not yet

(5) that the collapse of the dollar would cause unprecedented financial strife and turmoil in the US, and that it would take many years for the US to recover from this financial debacle;
-Not yet

(6) that they (big oil) support John McCain for President; and
-Might have been their man, but he lost

(7) that US domestic oil reserves would never be tapped, and that any legislation which might allow domestic reserves to be tapped would not be allowed to pass, leaving the US dependent on foreign oil forever.

He also has said that something big would happen just right before the election.

There is still time on a lot of these, and I'm not ruling out a crash of the dollar for a number of reasons, but I'm not convinced yet.

Max said...

I wish he would have gotten to his point. Ok, a collapse of the dollar, but then how many times did he say "ok, here it comes, 3, 6, 12 months from now...".
'Preciate hearing another confirmation of what I've been reading/seeing hear and other places. Great blog, keep up the good work.

Black Styar Ranch said...

I might add to Gary's list - 5. Make sure you have a clean water source (enough also for your garden), 6. Stock up on essential foodstuffs (salt, sugar, rice, heirloom seeds, candles, batteries, etc.) 7. A means of protecting you and your family.

We moved from SoCal 8-years ago after seeing the "writing on the wall", and our change in lifestyle has been a blessing. Nothing brings you down to earth faster than caring for a garden, a milk cow, and a bunch of chickens.

Justin_n_IL said...

"Nothing brings you down to earth faster than caring for a garden, a milk cow, and a bunch of chickens."

There is something to be said about a man enjoying the fruits of his own labor. Especially in the food department.

OperationNorthwoods said...


Williams in many interviews said that the price is controlled by the Illuminists, primarily through the paper markets. In other words, the new discoveries were to be a cover reason. I've noticed in Asia the newspapers discussing these large discoveries a lot more than the US media. Obviously, it would take several years for these to come on line.

As far as not developing US oil, well, we haven't for the last 30 years, so why would that change?

In any case, we shall see. Williams has been accurate in the past, but we shall see.

jerry said...

If we could all foresee the future we would all be millionaires. The facts are this: the bailout will cost around $7.7 trillion. Our GDP is around $14 trillion. The Asian market is disconnecting from the United States, and maybe able to maintain positive GDP for a few to several years forward. We will be heavily in debt, especially since the entire bailout bundle has gone to the richest people in the nation and the world and none of it has reached any of us.

Electric cars will rev up soon. There is technology that can take ocean and river waves and create electricity, enough to power a great many people in the nation. People will begin to retrofit their existing cars with electric motors, since most only travel around 60 miles per day.

The rich are holding tight with their money ready to jump into private equity funds and hedge funds, once they unwind and reach equilibrium. The rest of us will continue to see negative equity. The rich will end up buying up the extremely deleveraged and bankrupt properties and hard assets, ie. building and such that will be available along the Obama's newly funded infrastructure line.

Unemployment will reach 20 plus million and wages will drop considerably. GM will eventually go under. Chrysler will merge again and Ford will hang in there--possibly.

Unless one works out in the X Burbs, they will be ghost towns. City properties will be valuable, especially along newly reconstructed infrastructure lines.

As said earlier, gardening, food sharing, farm shares, etc will blossom. Bartering will bloom, too. We may actually begin to see more community based currencies that could only be spent within the community and region. Not unlike Lincoln's Greenbacks used to payoff the Civil War.

Owning a wood stove is valuable, and if you can buy a heavily wooded lot then you have it made. Hook up with a tree service and stockpile the logs now. That is how I do it. Homes will keep their thermostats around 55 degrees, as I do here in Pittsburgh. If our parents and grandparents could do it during those "good old poor house days", then so can we!

We may actually see the trade deficit shrink as all of this unfolds. Consumers will eminence over the days they used to go to the malls.

I believe these are the facts. This will happen. We will yet to see what will happen to the dollar. That still remains a prediction. It will continue to deflate--that is a fact.


Keep up the good work alex.


Gold old jones.