Friday, January 30, 2009

Glenn Beck an inconvenient debt


Russ said...

Am I correct that what is being displayed by this chart is an increase in debt.

Anonymous said...

We're toast! Next we'll hear that Congress is going to pass out checks to those who are illegally here.

Randy said...


The chart in the video illustrated the growth of US money supply - The amount of U.S. dollars in circulation.

Remember: Growth of money supply causes inflation - more dollars chasing same # of goods/services.

Stand alone chart is CPI - Consumer Price Index - the rising cost of goods caused by the growth of our money supply... Note how it went neary parabolic after 1971 (when we came off the gold standard).

Glenn's assertion is: These new dollars will eventually cause a significant devaluation of the Dollar - increasing inflation (CPI)for consumers.

Anon - nothing would surprise me these days.


ray said...

Your blog is extremely difficult to navigate. I cannot find what is new and am frequently looking at cartoons that I am not interested in.

Take a look at Instapundit. There it is clear what is new and what is not.

Randy said...


Recent posts are located on the main page, left side of screen (1 weeks worth). After that they fall into monthly archived posts.

Links on right side are labeled in their respective categories - scroll down the right side to see them all.

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Lastly, you can do a "blog search" for a specific word or topic using the "search blog" function on the top left of the page.

Bottom Line: New/recent stuff (within 1 week) is located on the main page. Archivesd links can be found on the right

David said...

I find your blog extremely easy to navigate through. Don't listen to this clown.

Carry on.


Mark said...

Hi Randy - for some reason on my Vista laptop the videos on the RH sidebar don't hyperlink? I just see text w/ no underline. Your archived posts below them link fine. I do run Firefox with the NoScript extension, but allowing all detected scripts on the page doesn't activate those links. Any ideas?

Randy said...


Strange - the exact same HTML coding was used for the video and archived links... Same was also used in the links just below my profile (such as home, reason for my blog and useful links). Do any/all of these work?


Mark said...

Hi - sorry I got called away. No, strangely enough everything in the blue ***Home*** section is dead except for "Useful Links". All videos are inop, but the archive posts are fine. The Main Blog Page link in your green profile section works. I'm not giving up until I figure this out - I'm sure it is a Firefox issue.

JustiN_N_il said...

"I find your blog extremely easy to navigate through. Don't listen to this clown.

Carry on."

Well said Dave!

The videos have never hyper linked for me. Turns out it's a firefox thing. Just tried IE and they work.

David said...


...and yes, they don't link for me either in Firefox. Whatever code is being used to make them links should be dual-browser friendly, but I'm not complaining...I've probably seen all those videos on youtube or some other site already.


Anonymous said...

There is a caveat to Glen Becks piece, and really this comes down to the debate between deflationists and inflationists about what comes next.

The deflationists say that since so much wealth has simply evaporated recently, the Feds few Trillions won't be inflationary (especially with rampant unemployment and low velocity of money --- i.e. folks hesitant to spend).

Some economic bloggers I respect (e.g. MISH for one) are in this camp. So I'm finding it difficult to sort thru the positions.

Anyone out there care to add a well reasoned argument as to what will come?


Great video clip.


To much debt.