Sunday, January 25, 2009

Itchy Choad

Several Active Duty Air Force friends of mine created a local band called Itchy Choad (Choad stands for Creative Heros On Active Duty).

Anyway, I watched them at a Battle of the Bands contest here in Las Vegas Friday night and they kicked ass...

Here's one of their songs "Empty Eyes" - A Story of the military sniper

Band Members: SSgt "Itchy" Richards, MSgt "Sausage" Link, MSgt Bill "Higgy Bear", and MSgt Chris "Don't Miss" Horton

Their site: ItchyChoad

Some Background - LV Weekly Blog

This post is intended to give them some props and help spread the word -- as they may be (some day soon hopefully) coming to a radio station near you...

BTW: If any of you out there have Radio-Station Contacts/Friends/Etc, send them this link. Might lead to something... Thanks

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