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Latest from Lindsey Williams - the next 12 months

Hat Tip FOFOA:

I've posted up several articles in the past regarding Lindsey Williams( Link).

Summary: Lindsey is a well-connected Pastor who, back when Oil was $140 a barrel, accurately predicted that it would be crushed back to $50 a Barrel - through massive gvt manipulation - a successful attempt at waging economic warfare against Arab/OPEC countries who were becoming too strong.

Anyway, Lindsay Williams evidently did another radio interview recently - explaining what we can expect to see over the next 12 months - and this guy "Tom" over at wrote a very good post about it.

I'll extract some of the major highlights and then leave you a link to read it in its entirety (recommended).

Major Highlights:

1. The reason why the "elite" dropped the world price of oil down below $50.00 a barrel was to wage economic warfare against the Arab/ OPEC countries. "They" seek to bankrupt OPEC countries., especially the Iranians by cutting their revenues more than 75%. (Do you think that is why Mr. Chavez is so belligerent towards the USA?) Why would they do that? Because Iran and the other OPEC states are getting too strong and too wealthy. The Iranians are running an oil bourse, that effectively sidesteps the oil markets of New York and London. (My note. Even worse they are trading oil not for dollars but for other currencies such as the Euro. This is a direct threat to the western banking system.) According to Williams, this will not be allowed to continue. This is about control!! "What is happening today has been planned for years and there are other more nefarious motives, which will be outlined below.

2. The world reserve currency is the dollar and dollar denominated assets such as U.S. Treasury Debt. The Arabs have been recycling their petro dollars into U.S. Treasury debt for thirty five years. (My comment. The Arabs/OPEC have been financing our national debt. This is per agreement with the New York Banking establishment, and the U.S. Treasury. This arrangement has been part of the world order since the collapse of the Bretton Wood Agreement in 1971. This is now coming to an end.) Now that they are being bankrupted (intentionally) the OPEC/Arab states are no longer willing or able to buy Treasury Debt. Hence, the interest on the National Debt (which now exceeds 15 Trillion dollars?) is not being financed by foreign creditors. China, India and other Asian states are doing the same thing. "They are running from dollar denominated assets." Therefore, the Federal Reserve is now buying up all the Treasury Debt issued by the U.S. Treasury to cover the debt maintenance on the national debt. (My Comment: this is called monetization and it is highly inflationary.) (My note: to put this in perspective, the so-called bailout, which was really nothing but a heist without the guns, in the amount of 700 billion dollars, was actually in the amount of 8.5 trillion dollars. All of this sum represents more debt "created" by the Federal Reserve which is then added to the National Debt. In addition to being extremely inflationary, we will be paying interest ("tribute?") on this debt to the banksters in perpetuity.)

3. Gold and Oil generally move in tandem i.e., when oil goes up, so does gold. This has not been the case since the oil market collapsed. Gold has shown huge relative strength to the price of oil. Because of intense world wide demand and speculation the relationship between gold and oil will no longer continue. Gold will now move independently of oil.

4. This year, 2009, the USA will face total financial collapse. The dollar will also collapse in value, and it will take years for the U.S.A. to recover.

5. OPEC has been cutting production steadily but they cannot influence the supply of oil enough to affect the world price.

6. Pastor Lindsey said that the Papacy and the Jesuits had nothing to do with what was going on.

7. He said we have more than enough oil in the USA for our own needs, but the so-called "elite" as he calls them have no intention of EVER developing a major oil field in the continental U.S. or Alaska. "They" will not allow this country to become energy independent, and they intend to continue to keep us dependent on foreign oil sources. (My note: Dependency is another world for control.) Later he mentioned the field just disclosed by the USGS which is located in Montana and N. Dakota. (This I believe is the Bakken Field.) He said that it contains 320 billion barrels which is only 10% of the reserves. This oil is worth about 15 trillion dollars. (My note: in others words the 300 BB is the easy oil. It's the oil that will flow out of the ground under its own pressure. That means total reserves of this one field using secondary and tertiary recovery techniques are probably near three trillion barrels. To put that in perspective the Saudis have reserves of about 260 Billion barrels.) One of the senators from Montana has been screaming about this to Congress. He has been totally ignored by both Congress and the media.

8. Regarding Obama. "It did not matter who won the election." The handlers around Obama are, for the most part, members of the Council on Foreign Relations. "The elite." "The globalists." They are essentially the same people who ran the Clinton administration and both Bush Administrations. "There will be absolutely no change in either our domestic or foreign policy. (My note: the people who have looted this country will continue to loot this country.) Regarding economic policies "Obama" will be another Hoover." In other words Obama will follow orders and will take the fall for the economic calamity that is about to unfold. (My note: Obama is another feckless, empty suit, who was selected, trained, groomed, packaged and sold to a gullible, naive and lazy American public.)

9. Because of the tremendous cut in revenue to the Arab states (75%.) Dubai will become a "wasteland." Already they have suspended all construction on major buildings in Dubai. "There will be no change in the future. "

10. All of the Arab states are sliding into a depression. Their budget planning is based upon $80.00 oil, so they are cutting their expenditures dramatically----especially infrastructure and public works.

11. In addition to no longer buying our treasury debt, the Arab/OPEC states are now actively selling what treasury debt they hold. This is also occurring throughout Asia, especially China. This of course amounts to Trillions of dollars of Treasury debt etc. (My Note: if the Fed is now monitizing these debt instruments, which they must surely do since they are the buyer of last resort, this will also be highly inflationary.) The Arabs/OPEC/Asia are converting their dollars and dollar denominated assets to gold and other hard assets.

12. The long term goal of "these people" is to control and own everything. "They intend to break us." (My comment: Geeeez. I am confused. Here, all along, I have been told by the media that our enemies are in the Middle East.)

13. Gasoline will remain at approximately $1.50 per gallon for the next year to a year and half. This is killing the State government gas tax revenues. Total, state tax revenues are collapsing. Expect many states to go bankrupt----especially California.

14. "They" intend to control the world price of oil by dumping massive amounts of oil on the market to keep the price down. They intend to use, among other sources, an oil field in Indonesia that "they" just brought "on line." This field has reserves of more than 300 billion barrels. He also mentioned another field in northern Russia.

15. The ultimate objective is to "destroy the USA." At the same time "they" seek to consolidate control over all assets of any significance. "They" already own and control, the banks, and the media. (My note: Williams did not say, but obviously, they also control the oil industry.) "They" intend to gain control of the entire auto industry. According to Williams "why not buy the auto industry? All they need to do is create the credit in a computer entry." The takeover of the auto industry will happen when the time is right. They also seek control of all the real estate that is worth owning. According to pastor Williams, everyone is going to be paying rent by the time this thing is over. Again he emphasized that "After years of collapse they intend to own everything."

16. Russia is a major world power. Tensions will increase between the west and Russia. Look for a return of the cold war. (My note: he did not say it but I got the feeling that the Russians are not anxious to become part of the New World Order. Of course this oil price suppression is really hurting the Russians. They have had to devalue the Ruble seven times.)

17. "There will be no attack on Iran. There will no war with Iran." "The American people will not stand for it." They intend to accomplish their goal of destroying Iran by economic means. "They will accomplish their goal of destroying Iran without the need of another 911 false flag operation."

18. "Within six to nine months we will be into full blown hyper inflation." "Buy everything you need right NOW!!!!" "Prepare your dinner table NOW! It is going to be 1933 all over again."

19. "The nations of the world, especially China, are dumping U.S. currency and buying gold.

20. "The reason why it is getting so hard for people to buy gold is that "they" do not want people to be able to protect themselves." "They don't want people to have something that is REAL." (My note: it's hard to find any significant quantities of gold anywhere. Silver too!)

21. "They fear people buying gold because it is something "they" can NOT control. They feel that only they, the elite, should own gold.""They regard it as real money."

22. Their greatest fear is that the people will "wake up" from their slumber. "In fact they are terrified." They do not intend to impose martial law. They believe this would cause an armed revolution and that they do not want. Hmmmm. (I guess that is why the founders included the Second Amendment in the Constitution.) "A revolution means they could lose control."

23. "The American people are terrified of Obama." "The day after the election the gun shops in the USA were emptied by alarmed and frightened citizens." "Wal Mart reported that the day after the election their sales of ammunition went up by 400%. It was a record for ammunition sales in a twenty four hour period. (My note: this continued for several weeks after the election.) Evidently this behavior caused a great deal of alarm.

24. "They" have given up on implementing the North American Union and are "going all the way." The goal is total global control of everything. Global Government. Global bank. Global Currency. Etc. (My note: this NWO globalism business has always included a global army, and a global religion. I am sure we will be hearing more about global religion from "Americas pastor," Rick Warren)

Pastor Williams was asked what can we do? He made some suggestion which are not surprising. They are:

Link to full article


45north said...

Lindsey Williams - well maybe. Yes someone had to know that giving loans to people who could not repay them was not in the interest of the lenders. And yes, with the U.S. on the brink of a mortgage meltdown there are no real mortgage write-downs such as proposed by Mr. Mortgage - such write-downs would permanently undercut the lenders. I suspect that the lenders want Government or its proxies to keep the loans in existence. They then wait for a moment when they can take real wealth for what is otherwise a worthless mortgage. There is another interest: the home-owner who is paying his mortgage who objects to the write-down saying "I am paying my whole mortgage, why should someone who imprudently agreed to a mortgage be granted a reprieve?" - secretly thinking that he should somehow have an advantage. This thinking by a large segment of people would explain much of the malice that Lindsey Williams attributes to them.

There are many advances that Lindsey Williams does not explain not the least of which is the medium by which he delivers his message. In 1950 few people had TVs, programming was controlled by a few networks, news and views could be tightly controlled. Today there is far less control - messages and videos are relayed around the globe at the speed of light. The internet is God's will and to a large measure, it is through this medium that God's judgement will be and is carried out.

God bless America!

OperationNorthwoods said...


The mortgages aren't that much of a problem; it's the derivatives that will bring the system down.

The mass media in the US are tightly controlled today, and the elite are working on what to do about the Internet as we speak.

God can bless the US, but he better help in the fight against the Illuminists.

Anonymous said...

Here is the problem. One statement made by this guy has already proved bogus. He said that McCain was "their" pick for president. Well, guess again. Hey, I am totally on-board with this economic rot stuff but this guy (who was right when he did have a little inside access) is now passing on misinformation fed to him by the same guys who screwed up and gave him real info before. Just my opinion. -Iconoclast

Next Dimensions said...

McCain probably was the pick of the oil barons, but you have to remember that the elite have different teams that win/lose power inside the circle... Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski (Obama team) vs. the Neocon types: Irving/William Kristol, Rumsfeld and Cheney (McCain team)... so you have to sift through a lot of stuff to get a theory of what's "going to happen". In the end, it doesn't matter who wins elections, they still have shadow power over the major governments.
Many times the elite do not get what they want, or they are squabbling for a power shift amongst their group, it's been like this for thousands of years. In the end, we as individuals are responsible for the critical thinking to figure this stuff out; and critical thinking is something that elite groups do not want you to do.

Anonymous said...

This is a piece of garbage !!!

Why do you post such rubbish ?

He's a crock of sh*t and looking to gain notierity with some cockemammy bs about him knowing all and this elistist this and that nonsense.

You dont really believe this nonsense, do you ?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other Anonymous. You don't really believe this nonsense do you? Come on! Get real! I hope you follow-up with a reality check to this doomsday prophesy. This post makes your blog look very foolish indeed.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Williams is just one small piece of a very large puzzle. You don't have to believe everything he says to find it a little interesting. Tom said in the beginning of the article, "Personally, as far as I am concerned, Reverend Williams character and credibility are unimpeachable." I agree with this statement. Whether or not he is a tool being used by someone else is a separate question. But I think he believes what he says.

Perhaps he adds some of his own ideas as well. I certainly allow for that when reading this. It's called taking it with a grain of salt.

Look at the pieces and put your own puzzle together.

Randy, thank you for posting this intriguing article.


Ron_B said...

To the Anonymous complainers-
What bothers you about Williams? Is it that he has a gloomy outlook? Or that he says there is a super-elite group of people making plans? Or is it that he says he has talked to one of "them"?

He is far from the only one who says such things. Here is the new Jim Willie article. By the way, he has a PhD in statistics. He says almost the same thing-


It worked in 1998. Here we go again. The big threat of a Persian Gulf new currency, even gold-backed, sends shudders through the corrupted hearts of USGovt and Wall Street leaders. It should. So they have declared open season on hedge funds, a form of financial genocide in the words of CAFitts. The objective is to bring down energy prices, metals prices, and more in order to ruin the Russian and Saudi economies. If the Russian colossus and Saudi royals can be humbled, weakened, even ruined, then maybe neither will see their new currencies enjoy a launch at all. "

And what about Catherine Fitts? She used to work for Ronald Reagan. She says similar things.

Perhaps you just don't like anything that carries the stain of "conspiracy theory".

"Authors and publishers, such as Robert Anton Wilson and Disinfo, use proven conspiracies as evidence of what a secret plot can accomplish. In doing so, they demonstrate that the label "conspiracy theory" does not necessarily indicate that a theory is false." Wikipedia

All you have to believe is that powerful and wealthy people make big moves on the world stage in order to understand what Williams is talking about.

And the fact that he claims to have insider knowledge should make you want to at least hear what he has to say. Then judge for yourself based on the merit of what he says. Don't judge Randy for posting it. Did you even watch the videos that Randy posted before? Judge Lindsey's honest intentions and the truth of his claims about Alaska after watching those videos.

There is a reason that Randy posts these things. And I don't think that it is because he is just another conspiracy theorist. Notice that Williams' predictions agree with much of what you already know, but in some cases, they get you thinking in a slightly new direction. It is subtle, but I think that is why Randy finds it interesting. WHAT IF some old oil exec is truly telling him these things? What does that imply?

Avid Reader said...

Thanks for the post Randy. Very informative. To believe it or not is up to you. I prefer that everyone provides information.

The link is a good read and supports Lindsey Williams' predictions.