Thursday, January 22, 2009

Glenn Beck: What's the Answer?

Excellent/Fantastic Interview with Ron Paul regarding Bailouts, Banks and the future of the US Dollar.


David said...

A congressman of the United States of America (USA) believes that a small group of people (elitists) are controlling both political parties - the Democrats and the Republicans. This is coming from someone who works in the capital city of the world's only superpower ("superpower" at this moment in time, that is).

jerry said...

Ron Paul does not say anything new. He continuously repeats his same old talking points. The dollar collapse, a new monetary system, Fed transparency, etc. He does not speak of solutions. He does bring up interesting and relevant points, yet the theme is always the same. He is all talk but of little action.

Beck originally brought up the issue of bank nationalizations and he was all over it. Wake up Beck, this needs to be done!! While we are at it, nationalize the Fed, too!! This would be the only way to stop the treasury theft and drain. The banks get the cash, and then, loan it back to the government at a defined interest rate, yet that is our money to begin with!!! It is a theft. More Ponzi Scheming.

We nationalize the dead banks. Cut out the cancerous parts, and the healthy parts, make viable for eventual sale. But during the process we are able to unfold and make transparent all the worthless debt, and expose their so-called collateral that is also worthless, as well as shrink their overall size and eliminate their belief in "too big to fail" bull shit. We get rid of the thieves, too. There is nothing wrong with this, Glen. So, Glen, what is your solution?

David said...

Peter Schiff has been telling us the solution for months...for years.

David said...

There is no solution to the USA situation...but you can save yourself. Read-up and watch-up on Peter Schiff.