Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A few pictures from my D.C. trip

Vietnam Wall

Same w/Washington Monument in Back

WWI Memorial

Washington Monument

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve

Treasury dept

Treasury dept

World Bank

Obama's House

Quote from Holocaust Museum


Shannon said...

Nice pics!! Thanks for sharing. :o) I went to D.C. WAAAYYY back in '97 after I graduated from high school. Then we went to see NYC and I had the priviledge of visiting the WTC and getting some amazing pics, pre 9-11attacks. I must say that was my favorite trip of all time! So much history and wonderful things to see in D.C.

Randy said...

97? You're still a pup! :-)

I'm certain as the kids get older and reflect back on this trip, it too will become one of their favorites - though no amusement rides or sparkling beaches to enjoy, the time spent with their old man soaking up some of our nation's most cherished history will be unforgettable.

Just wish we had more time.

Thanks for posting up Shannon

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, sizing up the Federal Reserve for a latter attack.

Brilliant move using the kids as cover.

Siege said...

That's quite the quote at the end... thanks for sharing Randy.

So, what do you make of this? It appears China is getting more aggressive and vocal on it's USD dump.


Randy said...

Guard at the Fed was a bit uncomfortable with me taking these pictures - I just acted like an ignorant tourist who didn't know what he was taking pictures of... >8-)

Seige, China has been working on spending those reserves for some time - they are just becoming more vocal about it now... Got us by the cojones and working it to their advantage.

Yup, if you've been watching the US Dollar Index, the outlook is not pretty - we're back in the 78 range now with 72 being the cliff well eventually fall over.

Randy said...

And yes - quote at the end is very enlightening - and could very well hold secrets to our future too - if we continue to be complacent and fail to voice our concerns regarding the significant changes afoot.

jerry said...

Nice Pictures! I love DC. I had lived there for a few months in the 1980s. I will be heading there for a protest on July 30.