Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gerald Celente - Disintegration of empire America

By 2012:

- Tent cities
- Ghost Malls
- Boss nappings
- Roving Gangs


Shannon said...

Scary stuff to digest. I sure hope he is wrong, but what he says makes sense. What to do?? Stockpile food, ammo, guns, etc. But what else CAN we do to prepare (besides rely on God)? Do you suppose moving to a rural area (like Montana or North Dakota, etc.) and living off the land like the Omish would be wise?

45north said...

Do you suppose moving to a rural area (like Montana or North Dakota, etc.) and living off the land like the Omish would be wise?

how would you like to be the richest newest family on the road?

Even though there may be tent cities, ghost malls, boss kidnappings and roving gangs there still will be a social order. Hard to say how it will happen exactly and there are sure to be surprises.

On my street (in Ottawa Canada), most people own their own houses. I think most own them outright and of the rest half of them have more than 50% equity. That's what I think, I don't know.

What about the street you live on Shannon?

Anonymous said...

Gerald is losing it.

He is using the same phases, interview after interview.

During interviews he is talking/ranting) for lengthy periods (note, Gerald, there's a natural length to ones response from a question. If you go well beyond it, you come off as desperate).

In the past I've thought Gerald Celente presented a good case. Only now he's become repetitive and something even worse... fringe. Sure what he says might take place, but to maintain creditability he needs to keep his delivery fresh and within the bounds of the medium he finds himself in.

Please, NO more "I'm a bronx boy",
"When people lose it, they lose everything",
"We're political atheists".

Gerald... come up with some NEW verbiage.

Shannon said...

45North, we live on a military installation so no one owns their home. Back in TX where we own a home, I'd say most people have 50% equity in their homes, give or take, and I think a couple of them own their homes outright.

Black Star Ranch said...

I wouldn't want to live in a big city AND I wouldn't depend on anyone but my family, friends, and neighbors.

Welcome back, Randy, hope things get settled ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I can't see his prediction coming by 2012 unless there is a major selloff in the dollar. Anyone care to predict when that will happen? I have heard rumors that this fall we may see a bank holiday. Max Keiser and Jim Sinclair have made reference to this. Anyone read anything similar?

Willy2 said...

Of course is mr. Celente losing it. He knows how ugly it's going to be in the US. I guess, he's also desperate. Don't you agree with him ?

Ishkabibble said...

Gerald has what one might call a self-fulfilling prophesy. You see, there is evidence of what he predicts all around. Eventaully he will look around satisfied and say "we have arrived," but until then he is safe forecasting doom.

I see no sign of normalcy in the system today. What we see today as the low will be what we strive to reach as a high in the forseeable future. More than a solution to our financial meltdown will be required. We need a nation built on sound GDP. This will necessitate rebuilding of harvesting and manufacturing capacity which could easily take a decade. This is a long hauler.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a previous anonymous sentiment in that I think that Gerald Celente would do well to spruce up his verbiage or introduce new ideas. I too have grown a bit weary of his "Bronx boy" rants and "People will lose it" routine. In the past, I used to look forward to his appearances and videos--now having heard a gross repetition of Celente motifs, I'm zoning out. It's funny that in some interviews he's talking about government officials being the Three Stooges; his voice has an uncanny resemblance to Larry.

All that being said, I can't see any other way besides a dollar crash. Cuando, cuando, cuando...

Brian said...

Welcome back Randy,

I have thought for awhile now, that this August/September could be very bad for the markets. And yes, you should have food reserves anyways. Even if a natural disaster or attack, having more food than whats in your pantry is a life saving ideal. Good Luck all.

jerry said...

This is the only way to get the banks to end this thievery. This is the only way to get people mad enough to do something about it. This is the only way for the top 1% to feel the economic crisis themselves. This will all trickle up.

Unfortunately, the American people are just to damn lazy to do anything about the financial banking crime syndicates CONgressional and Fed swindle.

Get vocal on July 30, Thursday, in DC. Be there or stop complaining!

Justin_n_IL said...

"Please, NO more "I'm a bronx boy",
"When people lose it, they lose everything",
"We're political atheists".

Gerald... come up with some NEW verbiage."

Nothing personal but this comment kept floating across my mind from time to time since I read it.

What is this? FU$#*ng Hollywood entertainment? Go to the Cinema if you want to be entertained.