Friday, July 17, 2009

Max Keiser: telling it like it is

What a breath of fresh air! Max isn't afraid to say what he knows to be true - that G.S. is corrupt, manipulates the financial system and owns the American Government


Willy2 said...

Matt Taibbi has this to say about Goldman Sachs.

Randy said...

Spot on article - read it a couple months ago. It's surprising the author is still alive after that brutally honest report

Thanks for the link Willy2

Anonymous said...

Celente makes some good points. A more interesting analogy might be with the recent ammunition shortage. The people are not buying ammo because they think our rights will be restricted. They're buying to stock up for the next civil war.

What is the saying, "first the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, then the cartridge box".

Nelson said...

The Web Spun By Goldman Sachs

A couple more people that I'm aware of that Glenn forgot to mention: Ed Liddy: On the Board of Directors at Goldman Sacchs; Became C.E.O. of AIG for $1 salary. William C. Dudley: Succeeded Timothy Geithner as president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Prior to joining the Bank in 2007, Mr. Dudley was a partner and managing director at Goldman, Sachs & Company and served as the firm's chief U.S. economist for a decade.