Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gerald Celente: Revolution next for U.S.

Interesting video where Gerald Celente - the most trusted name in trends - sits down with RT's Anastasia Churkina to talk about what the future holds for America during and after the Great Recession, gives advice to Obama, and forecasts the unexpected.

The talk of economic recovery is just a coverup

"We have people in power that if our forecasts were as wrong as theirs we would have been laughed out of business 30 years ago when we began. Why would people believe Ben Bernanke, why would they believe President Obama, why would they believe Larry summers or Timothy Geithner, when Timothy Geithner back in 2007 - when the markets started to unravel in August, when the credit crisis first hit - said everything was covered, no need to worry, plans were in place, the financial sector was sound, one after another their forecasts have been wrong, and they're wrong about the recovery. There is no recovery, its a coverup and the coverup is cheap money, and a stimulus package, a second one will just be more coverup. They're putting the burden on the taxpayer to cover up what has been done by the financial sector."

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Willy2 said...

Do you mean this revolution ???

Nice sign: "Parasite in chief".

I haven't seen this protest on my TV station. It was the internet which alerted me to this protest.

Rob said...

Keep up the great work in getting the word out.

Jay Feldis said...

Progressive Libertarian. I think he nailed it.

Randy said...

Superb video - thanks for sharing Willy2

Willy2 said...

I came across another waste of taxpayer money: this video.