Friday, September 04, 2009

One Single Payer System

Funny Video on Healthcare - Thanks for sharing Martha (from Melbourne, Fla)!


Russ said...

On may things I agree with you and other who comment here, yet what I find odd is things like this that portray Obama smoking, Michelle's arms and the rest. It adds nothing to the discussion we must have regarding health care reform.

Please post your reasons as to why you are against making health care more affordable and available to all Americans.

That would help me understand your point of view and reasoning as to why it is a bad thing to change the way we provide doctor's care in this country.

Is it fine the way it is? Is it affordable? Is it ok to deny care for a pre existing condition? Is now handled in a right thing to do way? Let me know, I'll be here waiting.

Anonymous said...

Very Clever. Props to the creator, well done. However it still shows he (and most like him) do not have a clue. Health care will not work because we have way too many pigs at the trough. Socialism is the buzz word people throw up yet don't realize how many socialist tenants are actually in place and have been for decades. Just try to take them away from people. Nor do these same folks really believe in capitalism or free markets. Just watch how these folks react when gas prices go up (it's the market) or lumber prices go up just before a hurricane (it's the market). Wow if the market could breathe without the restraints of government, the middle class would shrink and you would have a riot on your hands and maybe even a song from this guy.

Mark said...

I enjoyed this video. Thanks for posting. I have shared with many friends, as well.

Interesting comments from Anonymous... I don't think a free market would shrink the middle class. Look at the middle class currently, it is being squeezed for all its worth. Government restraints (which generally benefit big businees) are the problem.

And government health care is never the answer. It doesn't matter how few pigs are feeding at the trough.

But, I can totally agree that we have many socialist tenants in place. The destruction of our country began with The Fed and continuted with Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid (socialist programs).

We are screwed. Royally. We've been screwed since the third central bank of the USA was passed long ago in 1913. It's just been a matter of time.

I believe what we are witnessing is the looting of our country before its inevitable fall and our 'handlers' getting as much infrastucture in place as humanly possible to control the rioting natives when it all collapses. For example, Rex 84, the Patriot Act, NorthCom, and nationalized health care. Say what you will, but just wait and see...

I'd get ready if I were you.

Randy said...

Face it folks, as a country we are utterly flat broke and all of our credit cards are maxed and/or over limit. Meanwhile, failing to recognize the dire predicament we’re in, our corrupt politicians are pushing Health Care reform to expand coverage for anyone and everyone - with absolutely no plan to cover the costs. How will this massive bill get paid?
1) expanded national debt
2) increased taxes for the working minority who actually pay taxes
3) reduced availability/rationing of medical services
4) increased medical insurance costs for those who already have plans
a. an estimated 1,300% overall increase for mine

This is just a huge play to buy off taxpayers for the next election, while providing the rationale to create a massive new Gvt bureaucracy to “oversee” 1/6th of our new economy – “I’m from the Gvt and I’m here to help!”

Personally, I think they’ve done enough damage to our economy through NAFTA, CAFTA, outsourcing of our manufacturing base, creating and popping the housing bubble with the creation of Fannie and Freddie, propping up our corrupt banking system, automakers, etc. Please no more help!!!

Bottom line: our once great nation is falling deeper and deeper in debt by the day and there is only a miniscule chance that we can correct the course before the inevitable calamity - the absolute destruction of our currency and American standard of living – the fat lady is singing folks, but unfortunately our politicians are too busy slopping at the trough to hear her the final song.

See video below

LINK - ABC Kicks lid off Healthcare plan - Must Watch Video

Anonymous said...

Mark, I must respectfully disagree with you about the free market not shrinking the middle class. Remember the 1920s and 1930s when business and a free hand for the most part factories were abominable places people, there was no such thing as minimal wages or workplace safty laws. Where are our factory jobs now, in devloping countries and do you think that they are giving them a fair wage, good working conditions, workmans comp, health insurance. If the market could have those idea working conditions here they would have never left. Raw capitalism tells you what is most important, capital, not the air you brethe, not the water you drink, not even you. Read history how Government has ended many bad practices and ushered in hundreds of laws that protect workers. The middle class would surely and most certainly shink.