Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open Forum

Thought I'd start up a new one - please feel free to share links, post comments and/or hold a discussion here.

New Video below - ABC News, Economy: The Worst Is Yet to Come


Vedha said...

Hi Randy,

Here is a good article to read....

Anonymous said...

Certainly Chris Martenson's words are worth ones time, however I believe the real news today is Golds rise.

What's behind this sudden move after months of meandering?

Randy said...

Thanks Vedha - I too like Chris Martenson


Gold prices surge near $1,000-an-ounce mark

Last chance to buy gold below $1,000?

Randy said...

Unemployment Rate Hits 9.7%

WASHINGTON -- U.S. job losses softened last month but the unemployment rate soared to its highest level since June 1983, proving that it will take some time for the ailing labor market to recover from the worst financial crisis in decades.

Anonymous said...

Denninger - must watch

Anonymous said...


The Republican's won't save you, especially the ones currently in DC.

Don't forget that $1.2 of the $2 Trillion of debt was under the Bush administration during the September-January part of this fiscal year.

It's not Republican vs. Democrat, it's The Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs vs. the American people. So far they have gotten everything they've asked for from our government.

Randy said...

Anon 11:37 - You are preaching to the choir and I concur 100% - The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats.

- If you've seen my DebtSlave post, you'll know that I feel they are both "owned" by the system:

"programmed to be ignorant of the real issues that matter; to think like a herd of sheep and wrap our lives around materialism and debt - to feed the commercialistic profit making mechanisms (the industries, corporations and banks) who own and control our government through their puppet master strings."

- I stated much of the same in Washington Town hall with a Marine Vet:

"We are no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We are a government that is controlled, bought and paid for by corporations, banks and special interests groups - but I don’t think these elected leaders will really wake up until they see a few of their brethren hanging from lamp-posts. Now I don’t condone this action, but I do anticipate we will see it in the not too distant future, as I smell a revolution brewing."

- Taken from Obama or McCain? back in Oct 2008:

"Come on people, get a clue... It doesn't matter one iota. The difference between these two is minuscule and they are both being groomed/have agendas set by TPTB."

" By dividing the people we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us except as teachers of the common herd."

Certainly hope this clarifies my position

Anonymous said...

"We are no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people.


Until people look in the mirror they will never see the real cause to the crisis. Look I heard no protest or complaints when Medicare D was shoved on to the backs of the next generation none what so ever. Tax cuts during a WAR, Bush said go shopping, and we did. No sacrifice as in WW2. We want stuff and things and while we are getting them who cares how our representatives line their pockets. Now 'We want our Country back,' You already have it. The reason why we will (and we will) descend into chaos is because we are greedy selfish, overly prideful and as long as we are getting ours, who cares about them. I know, lets blame Obama.

Anonymous said...

To the person above to replied bull. RIGHT ON WE ARE DONE. We only care about our self pleasure. The Christian idea of service to other's is dead, yea I know it was'nt perfect and injustices were done but if we go back to the Christian idea we will be better off as a whole. We will never be perfect we are only human.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. Ask yourself... what have I done to contribute to our governing? Every City, County, State and even the Nations Capitol needs help. Even if you (Yes, I am talking to You) took the time to find a way you could donate 4 hours a month, your voice would be louder and this nation would be a better place. The voice of the American people would be heard louder in OUR government. It starts with the one in the Mirror: You. It is far better to fix what is. Guns will not solve this, they will only increase the fear you live in as you have to fight for what is already yours, today.

Anonymous said...

When did we practice the Christian idea? I can't think of a time when Christian ideas apart from hypocrisy were practiced. In fact it is the sore spot throughout history. Christ is preached on one hand and greed, genocide, slavery and rape on the other. It is the bad taste in the mouths of people who can't seem to separate words from deeds as most Christians do today. We are only human cannot be an excuse for crime, mistakes in judgment maybe but not crimes. We don't learn from our history so we will just keep repeating it like a person lost in a forest who keeps going in circles.

Anonymous said...

That video reeks of clueless Republican attempts to debase their (perceived) opponent. In fact the Republican party is so far out of touch they are going the way of the party they superseded (the Whigs a hundred plus years ago).

But as many have pointed out, this isn't a two-party debate anymore. They both are F...... clueless.

Let me clarify that, both of the two major parties are so hopelessly bought by lobbyist that they are completely out of touch with reality.... and yes, that even includes smooth talking (but NO real life business experience)Obama.

Randy... you're from Nevada. Please explain how a moron like Harry Reid gets and stays in office.

I watched a You Tube video a while back where Harry kept insisting that paying Federal income tax was voluntary. The interviewer kept pressing him to justify that statement and yet Harry kept on mouthing the same. How does someone SO completely without any sense of awareness rise to become Senate lead?

Something is seriously askew in this country.

Anonymous said...

There is too much greed in Politics, the Markets and Religion. What is an honest living? No one wants an honest living. People buy lottery tickets because they want wealth. Wealth built from tempting the poor and middle-class with dreams of wealth. Casinos doing the same, making a profit off of the greed of the nation. Our greed has caused us to cross into other nations and rape their resources to satify our greed. We don't go to help them. That is the front we put out. We are a greedy and selfish nation that is about suffer for it. China is our master now. We have to beg them to keep buying our debt. "Please China, one more fix." They know that they can ruin us in an instant. But we did this to ourselves to satisfy our greed habit. People are mad at the banks, they say let them fail. But they want tax cuts when we can't afford it. We need to be taxed and finally bear the burden of our expensive habit. But no one wants to say hey maybe we better start tightening our belts and pay down our debts. No we still have things we want (not need), we want the things the rich people on TV have. We are credit card trained nation, we we are just like our government that we complain about. Run up the debt and declare bancruptcy when we can't pay, that's fraud. We are frauds.

Anonymous said...

Must see video !!!

Anonymous said...

(Update to the posting of Anonymous, 9/09/2009 at 3:37 PM)

Is THIS the first sign of the American revolution ? This is what Randy wrote:
"We are no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We are a government that is controlled, bought and paid for by corporations, banks and special interests groups - but I don’t think these elected leaders will really wake up until they see a few of their brethren hanging from lamp-posts. Now I don’t condone this action, but I do anticipate we will see it in the not too distant future, as I smell a revolution brewing."

Is this the revolution Randy was talking about ??

Karl Denninger (Tickerguy) brought this video as well. I think it's good enough to be posted here at ECONOMICROT as well.

Anonymous said...

I am the guy who spoke of practicing the Christian idea. Look, for one, there will always be people who exploit the honesty and truth of the Christian. So, throughout history non Chrisitians have been a part of the US. Second,, No one is perfect all of us including you make mistakes some learn some do not. All I am saying if we worked toward the truth we would be so worried about getting things right we would be better off. There is no excuse for sin,of all types but we are human and it is in our nature. It is when we reach out for God that we start to improve and see truth for what he is. In the past it is my belief that we did practice the Christian idea more than what we do today. I am speaking in the context of our entire history. Yes you are correct there were great injustices done but they were eventually corrected with some srtiff on occasion. Thre is that human element again. All right I'll shut up my inperfection is showing too.

Mike said...

Good set of articles on the gold price and the dollar in light of the government's money printing policies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christian Idea

I am not bashing Christianity; no, I claim to be one. I am speaking of those who have misrepresented Christianity throughout history so thoroughly that it is hard for people to recognize the wheat from the weeds. Pick any time period in history when we were practicing the so called Christian idea and I will show you it was a farce. If Christians would really act like Christ the US and most of the world would be a paradise. You can't attribute the crimes done in the name of Christ as 'well, we are sinners' that's what the bible is for, to guide you in the right way. If Germany's Christians obeyed Christ instead of Hitler, well, there would not have been a world war. Where did Christ order Christians to try to push his teachings on the whole population, Christ did not do that. I needed no law to pray in school, I did throughout my school years. If the law of the Christ does not rule in a person's heart then no man made law pushed on the general population by wayward Christians will do so.

Anonymous said...

First off, democrat or republican? Who gives a s*** which one! People really think it makes a difference!?!? Not at all!! Either one does the same exact thing, just in a different way and most times it goes through after they're already out of office and it looks like the new president did it. It takes time to pass bills, write bills ect... Presidents are controlled, they're like a main representative for our government and country. The president cannot do anything without it passing through so many other people including ones the public has no clue of. But, of course "supposedly" all those other people cannot do anything without the president either. Who really knows? Well the ones that know will never tell. Anyways, I agree with Randy on the no longer a government of the people, by the people, for the people.. And the probability of a revolution.. Our government are liars, plain and simple. We the people know but a tiny percentage of whats going on with them or even whats going on in our country other than what we see and what we see is what is "allowed" to be shown to us. Our currency has been decreasing for decades and it wasn't all that long ago when people actually started to realize that. Why? Well, probably because of the deficit getting so bad that there was no choice but to "allow" the problem to be shown. Now the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are in danger of changes. Why? So the government can control the people to their benefit. Why would they do that? Because they can and we the people really can only blame ourselves. Our government started gaining power over the people, the people started depending on and blaming the government for everything. The people let them take us over and now are suffering the results. Now I'm not saying that its all our fault, just that we let this get out of hand, we let our government do what they do when and how they want to do it. And now we the people are pissed off because the government has taken complete advantage of our passiveness, our need for them. But just so we're clear, I'm not sticking up for the government by any means. I do not nor have I ever trusted any government official. I'm just making a point on some of the actions that have brought us to these times. It's been shown to the government that as long as they tell us a good story we'll believe them, even when we have our doubts very few people say or do anything about it because the people have forgotten that the government is supposed to work for us, not us working for them. Again "A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE"!!!

Now for the people speaking on all this stuff about christianity. Everybody knows everybody makes mistakes. But all this isn't about just making mistakes. This is about control, power, debt, greed, voicing ect... But if you want to speak of sin, I guess this could be all about religion..

By Jeff

BxCapricorn said...

I agreed with Kiyosaki (even though he's a scam artist, and a pedantic liar) right up to where he spoke of the stock market going down, while gold, silver and commodities went up, with a weakening dollar. That's fascinating, as everyone on Planet Earth saw what happened in October, to commodities and the stock market, when markets locked up. He completely misunderstands deflation, and should read John Mauldin. If you own gold and silver (and I love them as an investment), sell some at this high, and buy DBA to expose yourself to agriculture. People trade gold for food when there is a shortage. Hard to imagine, I know, but it's true.