Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Jim Rogers: Greece Bankruptcy Would Be Good for Euro

March 8 (Bloomberg) -- Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, talks with Bloomberg's Betty Liu about Greece's fiscal woes. Rogers, speaking from Vienna, says a bankruptcy for Greece would benefit the euro and would be best for all.


Anonymous said...

That woman is retarded she'd fit perfectly at fox news or cnbc. Bloomberg pretty much the same thing. I'm sick of seeing idiots who don't know a damn thing interview smart guys. I bet jim rogers is sick of it as well.

Willy2 said...

"Let Greece go bankrupt" AMEN !

BTW: I saw a very interesting video with mr. Thomas Woods. I think Randy should post this on this website as well.

Weblink (Scroll down)

Willy2 said...

The video mentioned above is long (approx. 45 minutes) but it's very interesting and therefore - IMO - a must see.