Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Funnies - 20 March

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BxCapricorn said...

In Celebrity crazed America, we're not really getting any of the World's news anymore, notice that? Pilots in England and Germany, are striking. Greece shuts down with regularity now, in protest to "austerity" measures designed to placate bond and derivative holders (GS?). India hiked their interest rate (sorry Goldbugs). We've got major payments due on other European bonds throughout the Summer. I'm not a conspiratorial kind of poster, but I just don't see how this rally is sustainable with a straight face. Now that OPEX is over, what's the catalyst? Prediction, major downward action in the market.

Have you read the news coming out of Mexico, when a journalist survives to tell the tale, of course....Society is breaking down. Leaders please apply. Jeez.

BxCapricorn said...

Oh, and Randy, great job on the cartoon round-up. I laugh often.

Also, I'm not oblivious of inflation, it's just that holding the World's Reserve Currency mutes the effects that play out in places like India, Brazil, Europe, Africa, etc.

We (the United States) lose Reserve Currency status, and I'll trade all my money in for gold, silver, freeze-dried food, solar panels, weaponry, and anything that cranks for power. Until then, Marc Faber can kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

I love your cartoons and I approve of throwing a cement billet at Obama's head re: Condo development - what the world calls settlements - but they are not settlements unless the european settlers came to nevada with electricity and modern plumbing and LEDs.

G_d help the USA but please do not blame Israel for your 12,456,789,000,000 $ debt - drop Israel I do not care then Israel will take " by any means necessary" to quote someone your first Muslim President looks up to .. a lot.

Anonymous said...

This weeks cartoons are especially good. They'd make me laugh if they were not so terribly true. Our free and open society has been on a long and winding death march since LBJ figured out how to steal ALL the money out of the Social Security Trust Fund for his "Great Society". We were just too dumb and proud to face the truth. The Republicans are no better; they just rape, steal and plunder our economy in different ways. We've lost our country to the multinationals. Our Constitution is dead. Our government is totally corrupt. Our bankers are criminals. Our free market economy is an illusion. There's no where to run, no where to hide. We're just going to have to suffer through it. God only knows what's going to come out the other end of this sewer pipe.

Anonymous said...

I will try again sad article

Anonymous said...

I see where Ariz is going to make being an illegal alien a crime. I am not sure but does that not say eit is illegal to ba an illegal? Am I missing something? Or is it the rest of the world?