Saturday, March 06, 2010

Weekend Funnies Mar 6, 10

Click any image to enlarge - enjoy!


Jb said...

Thanks Randy, I needed a laugh. The first one was my favorite. Jb in Cville, Va

Randy said...

Thanks JB, I thought that one was great too - notice where it was created and the intended audience? Yup, China - they know the real deal!

Jb said...

No, actually I didn't notice that! I was looking at this on my iPhone this morning so I couldn't read the fine print. Cheers -

Anonymous said...

The common theme in these cartoons:

Hypocrisy, corruption, the strong screwing the weak

Is this a matter to laugh at?

Anonymous said...

Haha! Tom Toles thinks Jim Bunning is choking the economy! Its all HIS fault !!! Whoo-Boy, thats a good one. Vote Nader if you are left wing and vote Ron Paul if you are libertarian or moderate Repub/Tea Partier. Don't waste your vote for either of these two hideously bloated, corrupt parties.
Show some backbone and don't be responsible for this soon-to-explode mess. Got bullets?