Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gerald Celente interviewed by Max Keiser

Celente's candid interview releates back to some of the same issues we heard William Engdahl address earlier in the week; the markets are rigged - financial warfare. However, Celelene takes it a step further and says the people are finally waking up to these issues and are becoming fed up with the group of Harvard / Yale crooks who run the system for their own benefit. This frustration will soon lead to an "off with their heads" mentality directed against this elite body of folks who run the "fixed" game.

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BxCapricorn said...

Nice set of links Randy. After seeing Hawaii elect a Republican, Arkansas vote against a Democrat, and KY go for a "Tea Party" candidate over a McConnell protege, the media is baffled as they can't get their minds around this trend. They keep trying to frame it as anti-Obama, or "racist", or "tax revolt" related, etc. Taxes are relatively low right now, but the people know, thanks to the Internet, that it won't last, and the Military Industrial Complex cannot continue to be fed in a deflationary atmosphere. The more the governments of the World try to reflate through money printing, the easier it is to see their financial sandcastles have no foundation. One large oil spill, a volcanic eruption, etc...and the Ponzi scheme runs out of cash flow for the week. The markets don't just move a little here and there, they collapse in a week, or feverishly rally for months on end. The average person is forced to be a stock casino player to get any kind of retirement fund return, and now that these people watch it, they are astutely aware of the barkers like Cramer, Motley Fool, and any and all CNBC "guests", whose sole purpose in life is to promote stock participation and misdirect. What can one do? Grow a garden, bank with a Savings and Loan, build a solar panel, simplify your life, turn off the tube, show up at local governmental meetings and take notes, watch local politics on cable and keep a journal. You get the idea.

Jb said...

You forgot to include the #10 cans...! :-)

Michael Ruppert spoke recently:

Warning - this will scare the ____ out of you.

Unknown said...

Michael Rupert: made it to 60 minutes, just after he has a drink of water.

Yeah I am angry about Deepwater Horizon. Hope they can fix it. Pray they can fix it.

God bless us!

Llloyd Bllankfein said...

Who is this guy Celente?
We gotta get him to shut up!

muralsigns said...

I don't think Celente should shut up. If anything, he should listened to.

I know Lordy Lloyd Blankfein is just scared of the guy.

The forecast for our future is what is really scary, and nothing is changing for the better.