Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Trailer to Michael Maloney's Upcoming DVD on Gold and Silver

Michael Maloney's upcoming DVD on gold and silver is supposed to convince people the case for buying gold and silver - and I think (for a short video clip) it does a pretty good job.

Here's the old trailer:


Jb said...

Thanks Randy, great clip. I also watched the clip on FOFOA's website this morning. Seeing a mall in China packed with people buying gold tells me everything I need to know.

BxCapricorn said...

Looks like Gartman knew something was up. Silver taking a header this morning. This is not logic, this is a TRADE engineered by traders that had a winning day EVERY SINGLE DAY last quarter. Therefore, everything's a setup for a fleecing.

BxCapricorn said...

Now do you understand why you kept seeing Schiff, Faber, Rogers, etc...over and over this past month? They were selling you (Joey Sixpack) they're overbought gold positions. When they start talking about gold at $500 or silver under $10...that's when you buy.