Saturday, September 04, 2010

Weekend funnies - 4 Sept 2010

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BxCapricorn said...

I'd like to be a fly on the wall in Washington, as the real power brokers discuss what to do with the Tea Party movement. If that movement was actually headed by candidates and spokesmen/women who weren't babbling lunatics (Sharon Angle), or ditzy, incoherents (Sarah Palin), they'd really be in trouble. Which leads me to believe that the second political movement that evolves from the Tea Party, will be more polished and successful. Maybe my beloved "Bull Moose Party" has a second wind after all.

Anonymous said...

Another gem of a gathering Randy. Thanks for taking the time.

The "KABOOM" one set me off. The Hoover Dam was another excellent one. However I think I laughed loudest at the "RESTORING JOBS" where Obama is set up to give a speech but no words(Maybe the Teleprompter broke down hehe).


Anonymous said...

BXCapricorn; I see the Tea Party as political theater within the GOP to co-op the Libertarian Party's platform by repackaging big government spend thrift RINOs as fiscal conservatives. So what has either major party done for (to) we, the people over the last 20 years.

- Honest government (yellow cake from Niger, the Recovery is ongoing)? Nope

- Responsible spending (Wall Street Bailout under Bush, state and local government bailouts under Obama)? Nope

- Personal freedom and individual responsibility (Patriot ACT under Bush, renewed under Obama)? Ya sure, ya betcha!

The only different between the two major parties used to be which set of cronies enriched themselves at the expense of the middle class taxpayers. But now, the multinationals own both parties.

Free markets are a fraud when US taxpayers find themselves bailing out the multinationals on Wall Street.

Free trade is a fraud when it's subsidized by US taxpayers and our major trading partners require we manufacture within their nations that which the multinationals want to sell into those economies. Thus, NAFTA and GATT destroyed more American jobs than they'll ever create. Unemployment and under employment are the new normal, and our bloated government and beloved Wall Street will continue singing praises to the one-sided global trade deals that are bleeding us dry.

If there is one thing big government and Wall Street have in common, it's that they are both too big to fail and too corrupt to save themselves.

BxCapricorn said...

Every week I think, "that's the best collection of cartoons ever..." and then another week passes...

Anonymous said...

The only politician that stands for real change to our corrupt corporatist government is Ron Paul.

The hope and change of Obama stands fot the same big government policies as Bush, Clinton, Bush, Sr., McCain, Romney, Palin, etc., etc.

The real shame is that Ron Paul got very little coverage by the corprate run main stream media until after the 2008 Republican primary was over.