Monday, July 07, 2008

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

Video: Right to Bear Arms

After Hurricane Katrina the local government began confiscating firearms...

Video from Glenn Beck on Headline News, July 3, 2008

My thoughts: As a prior US military, law abiding, CCW holding, red-blooded American, I absolutely cherish my 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms, and I positively refuse to be an easy victim for some loony on a rampage -- so I always have my Glock G30 by my side... Hope I never have to use it, but if needed, it's there.

However, based on the examples illustrated in the Post-Katrina video below, one would now have to assume that, in any nationwide emergency (economic collapse or otherwise), the powers that be would want to confiscate it -- when I need it most...

What are your thoughts? Would you freely give up your 2nd amendment right due to some emergency clause/edict?



Anonymous said...

When faced with overwhelming force you'r going to give it up or be
6' under, fo sure.

Anonymous said...


Though I currently live in Australia, I hold an Arizona CCW. 9/11 and Katrina proved one thing - the calvary aint coming. In a national emergency, only fools give up their guns and only tyrants demand them.


Justin_n_IL said...

Check this out concerning the 2nd Amendment.

Sid R Real said...

As an Arizona resident, I'm of the 'from my cold dead hands' mentality.
Although, a couple of .45's (and a .357, and a couple more 9mm, oh yeah I almost forgot several shotties, a couple 30-06's, & 3 AK's w/100,000 rds.) aren't going to stop an M1A1, or an A10, I'd sure give them pause before trying to barnstorm the NEXT guy down the line.

What I'm basically trying to say is, me and lots more people like myself 'ain't' gonna make their jobs of mass confiscation easy... not by a DAMN SIGHT.

Then again, in theory this issue has been addressed (and voted on in the state senate) and is moot in AZ.
(Then again... ya never know.)
(Kinda why I own a bunch.)

(Ooops, I guess comments/discussions like this are what got you locked out of your blog last week.)

But just know this, myself and many MANY others simply will not 'go quiet, into that good night' especially seeing the dismal federal response after Katrina.
(When seconds count, help is literally minutes away.)

(Don't Tread On Me... seriously)

Sid (Gadsden Flag) Real

Sid R Real said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot...
Randy, you ONLY keep that G-30 'tupperware' with you at all times?

I'm a bit more close to the southern 'action' in this country, I usually don't leave a home with a couple 45's and a rifle in the back when I'm feeling frisky.
(Translation: when there's been significant 'coyote' fighting in my area... which has been more and more frequent as of late, guess BP's doing a good job shutting their in routes down, now they're fighting over folks already 75 miles inside the U.S.)

Ah... Interesting times to be alive.

Sid (It's Alive!) Real

Anonymous said...

Anyone who says I'm gonna do this are that is foolish. As humans we react differently to each situation. With that said, unless people stand up for their rights and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them you are already a slave. These cops and guardsman are a good example of what happens when you tell a person you have total control. The evil in humanity explodes into the open. One thing I won't do is be someones slave. As to how to avoid that I'm not sure at this time.

If you don't believe in prayer you might want to give it a thought, we're heading for a hellish nightmare I fear.


Anonymous said...

Keep and old piece of crap gun and hide your others. They won't have time to look everywhere.


Great video.


Shall not be infinged.