Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NAPA & San Fran Pictures

Just returned home this evening...

Though the trip started out a little rough (Virgin America had a broken plane, so we waited in the airport bar for 4 hours), we had an absolutely fantastic time.

We took lots of pictures, so allow me to share a few... Note: I've never done this before (share personal pictures), so I hope it's not too corny!

Finally off the ground with a much lighter wallet (bar bill!)

Entering Napa Valley

Wine Tour at Clos Du Val -- Beautiful Place!

Same Place

Amazing how small the grapes were

Wine was starting to taste REALLY Good!

San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge -- It was COLD!

Wife in front w/Alcatraz in the Background

Lombard Street, San Fran -- Crookedest Street in the World


San Fran

We took a Trolley to China Town, Financial District & Fisherman's Wharf

Lost in San Francisco

Some Girl I tried to pick up - not much personality but she sure looked good

More Grapes -- Yes I'm balding too

Another tour/wine tasting

Local Wine Train

All the best



Justin_n_IL said...

A fine looking couple!

Gary Near Death Valley said...

Welcome back and thank you for the pictures.

DRE said...


Thanks for sharing the pictures of your life. Brave move, but an overwhelmingly positive one.

I followed your site for a great while now and find your postings within my top 5.

Welcome back and "Get to Work"! We missed you.

Again, Thanks and Welcome back.

P.S., Do you think future trips such as this will be as easy?... or easier?. Loaded question.


Thanks Bunches.

Matt said...

Looks like you had a good time! I was just out in San Fran myself, it's amazing how cold it can be in the summer!

Huntur said...

Great Photos! Aw, now I wanna go too! btw... did you get the phone # of that blonde babe?

Boom2Bust.com said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing the pics with everyone...

Randy said...

All: Thanks for the nice comments.

Dre -- For your loaded question: I believe it will become more difficult in the future as consumer discretionary spending falls and airlines reduce the number of seats/increase prices.

I'm really quite frugal and we wouldn't have taken the trip if there were no bargains -- but there were at that time (Note: Travel plans were made in March 08)

$49 one-way tickets ($100 round trip) months ago through Virgin -- Can't find them anymore.

Hotel was heavily subsidized through a 90 minute time-share promotion program ($150 for 4 days/3 nights) a ~ 60% savings for giving up 90 minutes of time.

Rental car was significantly discounted through a neice who works there (50% savings).

Bottom Line: We spent more on wine/food, gas and tours than we did on airfare, hotel and car.

Huntr: The blond wouldn't give me her #; said I was too cheap and I couldn't afford her.


Anonymous said...

Wow looks like you had a great time!
so jealous....
Catholic girl