Saturday, August 29, 2009

Debt Slave

This video (especially the beginning) is quite disturbing and is not for the faint of heart (you've been warned). It is however very powerful in making it's point - that we've all been programmed, lied to and bamboozled throughout our lives - programmed to be ignorant of the real issues that matter; to think like a herd of sheep and wrap our lives around materialism and debt - to feed the commercialistic profit making mechanisms (the industries, corporations and banks) who own and control our government through their puppet master strings.

We as humans basically just want to be happy - but we wrongly believe it can be achieved through materialistic purchases - thinking: "if I only had that new car or big house I would be happy and fulfilled, like all those smiling people in the commercial"; "if only I had that three karat ring I would be the talk of the office, the girls would be jealous and I would look accomplished"; "that new 650 quad runner certainly would make me content and I'd be a man's-man to boot" (as it sits in the garage quickly depreciating after a couple months of use).

Face it people: Materialism doesn't bring long-term happiness and buyer's remorse is typically the end result after the novelty wears off. Are the many years of debt service and a stretched family budget really worth the purchase? Are you really any happier now that you live in a big house? Are you really any more successful or smarter because you now drive a Mercedes? Is that $1,500 brand-name suit really any better than a $300 suit.

We as a society have been programmed to chase each other through an impossible dream of material happiness, yet we're blind to the fact that the "everyone else" that we aspire to be are merely just sheeple - brainwashed people not in control of their thoughts or lives and mindlessly following each other (like sheep) to a debt-slaved destiny and slaughter - think about it!

Please don't immediately discredit this information without trying to think outside the box for a few minutes. Allow yourself to ponder the message and if you have any inkling that it's factual, make an attempt to free yourself from the mainstream thought controlling tentacles of our corporate owned programming medium - television (turn the damned thing off) - and try to then think outside the box regarding other issues and areas of your life. Know that your mind is free - question everything, think for yourself, read daily and nourish your head with truth - do not be nor follow the sheeple to a debt slave prison!

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Shannon said...

Randy, this is one of the best and most profound posts that you have written! I agree with you 100%, and admit that, I too, once was guilty of being a slave to debt just so I could impress others. Moving out here to LV over 3 years ago (to fulfill Josh's PCS orders) and going from double income, homeowners to single income and living in base housing--well, it's quite humbling. And I give it all credit to God. He brought us here for a reason, and that was solely to humble me into the person I am today. I'm not saying I'm perfect, because I am FAR from that, but materialistic stuff is so NOT me anymore.

SOme of my favorite Bible verses that tie into your lost (from a Christian perspective):

Matthew 6:19~For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Romans 12:2~Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

The passage from Romans is my creed and what keeps me on track when I fall to the wayside. And yes, Randy, too many people think that a bigger home or new car will fill that void. Not to be preachy, but just sharing my own testimony: That void was filled when my walk with God became strong. I still have tough days, and do get sad, but overall my life is much better with Him than with debt and materialism.

God bless you for your blog! Thanks!

P.S. I'll watch the video later and comment. :o)

Shannon said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! That was a wake up call of a video (for those who have no clue what's going on). It's absolutely sad yet true what the video stated. People are mindless and just follow the crowd. The choices I've made make me an outcast at times, but I don't care. Choices such as allowing no TV to be watched during the work week while daddy is at work (daddy likes TV so we still own one). We literally go days without the TV being on. It's great, and I highly recommend it! Also, when I saw the whole "kids being programmed at school" in the video, I felt that much better about my decision to homeschool our boys. I really don't care what others think, because Josh and I want the best for our boys and will go to lengths to make sure they are raised with morals, work eithic, and no debt problems. Heck, our boys cut our credit cards up for us several months ago and we told them that they are bad! Sorry to ramble on and on, I just really enjoyed this post!


Anonymous said...

Loved it--with one qualification, when it states: "This is not your fault."

Sorry. It is our fault. Lack of accountability is what caused this mess in the first place. It's time to grow up. The problems we're looking at are real. Let’s face up to them--do something about them, by all means--but don't let ourselves off the hook. That’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Best video I've seen in weeks.

Thank you very much!

Randy said...

Thanks Shannon, Yes I had some available time this weekend and used it to organize my thoughts and choose the right words. Usually don't have that luxury. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope it makes an impact on others. BTW: Josh is a lucky man.

Anon - Agree, we all share part of the blame.

My thanks to both of you for posting up your thoughts.

Mariza said...

That is one of the best articles you've ever written! I can completely relate to it now especially after i've experienced how it was being unemployed for a couple of months and being a single parent..... This article and video is such an eye-opener!
Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,

enjoy your blog and happy you are back.

As for this video, well I don't buy it. We have free will. We chose to live this way. To blame others wrong.

Anonymous said...

Threw away my TV a few years ago ... so no public or cable propaganda/spam in my life these days.

As far as impressing others; nope, the late '60's made an impression when in my youth. Thus I've been somewhat of an outcast for most of my adult life. Not that it matters to me.

So when I see a video of folks blowing their brains out because of self induced debt... well, hell,it's to be expected. I don't feel any sympathy toward their predicament. In fact it clarifies that a person is responsible for their actions.

For decades there's been this blather that we're all victims (the Betty Ford syndrome).
Enough of that. In life, if one miscalculates,then expect negative consequences. It's been that way since we were in caves.

What, you'll need a priest, preacher, guru, bodhisattva, talk show host to explain life's fundamental realities to you?

Grow up mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

and quit reaching into MY pocket when you call for the Government to bail you out.

Anonymous said...

Some of y'alls comments are pretty mean-spirited. Sure, some folks are greedy psychopaths who deserve whatever they get...but some are just kids, and kids make mistakes. Some of us are just too trusting, and some of us are just dumb.

You can tell a lot about a society by how it treats it's unfortunate. 'Our' corporate society tries to teach that your fellow inmates are prey, if you can catch them. Suckahs...YOU ARE THE PREY. YOU ARE NOW UNFIT TO LIVE WITH OTHER HUMANS! Divide and conquer!

Anonymous said...

Mean sprited?

Last night I was reading a free Google chapter from Daniel Ellsberg's memoir.

Basically it gave an account of how Presidents, Secretaries of whatever, Generals & Senators were lying SOB's that would permit 10's of thousands of young Americans to die in order to further their political goals or careers.

What we see now in the actions of Wall St. and Washington is yet further continuation of that same me first mindset.

I am simply calling for accountability and justice; regardless whomever it applies to ... price or pauper.

Anonymous said...

If a retired man goes to a Casino with sparkles in his eyes and gambles away his house and life savings. Who is to blame? The Casino who's business is to rip people off? The Government who changed laws to allow them to operate? Who? I think it's funny that after 8 years of dwindling freedoms people are upset about Barak Obama. He is not the reason this country is in the mess it is in it is the 40+ presidents before him and the people who elect them. He will make the same dumb mistakes they have all made. Funny. The People is the Government. What happens is what we allow to happen. Now what are you going to do about that?

Anonymous said...

The reason it is different with Obama is that he campaigned with the message that this time it was different.

It's one thing for a politician to promise a "chicken in every pot", quite another for them to immediately appoint a Wall St stooge (Geithner) to facilitate the looting of the financial oligarchy. Obama even flat out stated that Timmy had his support.

Case over, done deal. Obama showed what he truly was at that moment.Let's work to make him a one term wonder.

Don't know about you, but NO ONE lies to me with their pitching higher values (then immediately turns around and makes sure his backers are well paid off).

NO F..... WAY!

Anonymous said...

"The reason it is different with Obama is that he campaigned with the message that this time it was different..."

I wonder by that statement how old you are? Do you remember the Clinton campaign? "Change to New Ideas” I thought it was odd that Obama's message was not new it has been recycled before. Go back and look at the Nixon/Kennedy debates, if you substitute a few words (Communist/Terrorist) it is the same rhetoric as today. It's not new it has never been new, the only difference is Obama is black, maybe folks thought there would be a change. Hey there are other black leaders in the world and they do just as good a job as ruining a country as the white ones.

This country has been surviving economically on schemes since the 1970s. He maybe a one term president, but the next one will be worse, simply because as we go downhill we accelerate. It like the Captain of the Titanic turning over control to a subordinate while the ship is halfway in the water, so every blames the subordinate. Obama will not succeed, but you do yourself an injustice if you blame him for the state of the country.

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